Nice locution to Maria Valtorta

Jesus says:

"Hope lives where faith lives. The despair that today leads so many souls to death has as its presupposition the lack of true faith. Indeed, he who has true faith asks with such insistence that he obtains.

But when you see that a prayer is not heard, think also that it is either flawed in the petition or flawed in faith. If it is flawed in the petition, then I, who know it, do not grant you what would give you happiness for an instant and pain for all the rest of your earthly life, and could even procure for you sorrows in the other life, because of the bad use you could make of my gift. If it is vitiated in faith, then I do not hear it and I do not listen to it.

The world no longer has faith and therefore no longer has hope. The world does not believe that God is an omnipotent Father. The world does not believe that God is a loving Father. If the world only knew how painful it is for me not to be able to help you always and not to be able to make you always happy!

I would that my children were so much mine that they would have only holy thoughts and holy petitions to make to the Father, who would then always, always, always hear them. He would not always grant them, but He would always hear them, and when He could not give a child what a child asks for, He would replace the gift not given for reasons of divine intelligence, with hundreds of other even greater consolations.

You know something of this, you who have come to true Faith in your God and Father. But if you think well what is the cause that is at the basis of the death of faith and hope, you will see that it is the lack of charity.

God is not loved. Not by Christians who are so in name only, but by those who seem to be fervent Christians. They seem to be but they are not. Many religious practices, many prayers, but some and others are superficial, made and fulfilled more out of superstition than out of religion. Many fear that if they do not say a certain number of prayers, that if they do not perform certain functions, God will punish them, even more - they leave God aside - their affairs will not go well. Selfishness also in this.

They have not understood what is the love of the Father for the children and of the children for the Father. God exists, they believe he exists. But so distant, so abstract... that it is as if he does not exist. Not only do they believe that God is distant, but that he is sullen and miserly. They believe God to be a sem- brator of punishment.

No. Your God is always near you. It is not He who is distant, it is you. It is not He who is sullen and greedy, it is you. It is not He who closes the doors of graces, it is you. You close them with your lack of faith, love and hope in Him.

But come, poor children, come to Me who burns with the desire to make you happy. Come to Me who grieves for not being able to hold you to My bosom and wipe away your tears. Come to the One who gives you good, peace and true and eternal love.

To live close to Me is joy even in pain. To die close to Me is to pass away in joy. Whoever entrusts himself to Me must fear nothing on this earth and nothing in eternity, because for whoever is a true child of Mine, I open a true Father's heart full of understanding and forgiveness".

Valtorta Notebooks 1943