Pope Paul VI and his body double —Exorcism

April 25,1977



E: In the name of Jesus, tell the truth, Beelzebub, in the name of the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, speak!

B: She (he points upward) makes me say: Alas! Alas! Some of the cardinals who surround the Pope are wolves and... 

E: In the name of Jesus, continue! In the name of the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, tell the truth, nothing but the truth, say what the Blessed Virgin orders you to say! 

B: ...If they were not so, they would not be able to maintain in position with such subtle skill, a man who is playing the part of a second Pope, or rather of the first one, for the true Pope is the one in the background. 

E: Continue, say what you have to say, in the name of Jesus! 

B: It is said that they are doing this, for in this way they are condemning the true Pope to many cruel sufferings, which he would otherwise not have to endure.

E: Continue, in the name of Jesus, speak, Beelzebub! 

B: However, we are doing everything to prevent people from becoming aware that there is a second Pope functioning. We are shrewder than all men put together. We are doing everything to keep that hidden... 

E: Speak, Beelzebub, in the name of Jesus!

B: I have said that they can keep it hidden with a subtle skill and that even “traditionalist” priests and lay people do not want to believe it nor to acknowledge it. But, unfortunately - for you, I mean - that is the way it is. 
E: Speak, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity!

B: They say: “There is no double. It isn't possible; there is only one Pope.”

E: What else must you add? In the name...!

B: This must be said: Be prudent and as cunning as the serpents! 

E: Speak, Beelzebub, in the name of Jesus!

B: Be prudent and cunning like the serpents, but do not be in a hurry to give the lie to it, for...(the words don't come)

E: In the name of Jesus, speak only the truth!

B: For there reigns (in a loud voice) in actual fact, there reigns a false Pope,[6] an imitation Pope[7]... It is important that people are woken up gradually, for they are nearly all asleep. 

E: Beelzebub, what else must you still say, in the name of Jesus...? Speak only the truth, say what the Blessed Virgin wishes! 

B: We are now confusing laymen, priests and bishops, and goodness knows who else! We are seeking to confuse everyone everywhere, and to whisper in their ears...We can even blind the cardinals who come and go in the Vatican. We can organize things in such a way that they are not even aware of it to begin with.

Surgery has made so much progress today that it will soon be able to make a man the same as another even to the feel of him[8] (As to his breathing, that is difficult.) And when a man lives in the Vatican - as the double does - the cardinals can, at their leisure, talk to him, and teach him all the habits and mannerisms of the true Pope so well, that he has no difficulty in imitating all this mimicry. Only, sometimes, he makes a small blunder, but nobody notices it. 

June 10,1977

E: Is the double still alive? Tell the truth! 

B: Yes, he is still alive. We still have the luck that he is living. If he had been assassinated, that would be our contriving, so that the whole affair could be hushed up. We must say, by Her order (the Blessed Virgin) that he is still in existence. The Pope is suffering a great torment, as we have already had to say. If he had been at the helm, able to say what he would like to say, the Church would never have reached the situation where it now is.

He lives wretchedly in his apartments and is waiting for better time to return for the Church. Yet everything seems hopeless. He is literally tormented by his subordinates who should support and help him in his task and, in the grave situation in which the Church finds itself, back him up in everything.

Instead of that - we don't want to say it - instead of that, we are able to arrange it so that he is no longer as competent. He doesn't have much to say any more. He is a martyr.[9] I have said that previously. He is in a worse situation than the martyr, Stephen. He is very much loved up there (he points upward) - very much loved. And we must say yet again -about what comes from those insubordinate cardinals and those false...it must not he obeyed. E: Does Pope Paul VI know that he has a double? 

B: At all events, he knows what is going on. He knows that...that...[10] He is suffering unspeakably[11]because, owing to what those cardinals are doing, it is not what heaven and what he himself would wish which is published in the world and in the Church, and which reaches the bishops. He is very well aware that he is like a prisoner, that he is, as it were, a prisoner of the Vatican. He suffers a great torment because of this.[12]

Because some cardinals do not obey him and also deal in many things which are not the Will of God, Judas was forced to say on August 17, 1975, that now it is no longer necessary to obey them.

Judas said then: “One cannot obey wolves, and no sheep throws itself into the jaws of the wolf.” That should be shouted from the rooftops. All the bishops should be told that what comes from certain cardinals is not the truth, and because of that, obedience is not required. But they are all so blind, so completely and utterly blind, that they do not want to recognize this.

Then there is still another factor: these three senior cardinals (or “controllers”).[13] There are some of them in it, but those are the worst. Because to a large extent, they are in communication with us, we are able to organize and camouflage everything they are doing in such a way that the people are not aware of it. That is our good fortune. We are happy that they are unaware of it. If the infernal game those three cardinals are playing ever came to light...!

In former times, during the fifteenth century, that sort of thing would have led them to the stake as sorcerers. But today - it is a phenomenon of the time - all those who preach and do good are victims of discrimination and are harassed. On the other hand, those who do evil, who squabble with their co-religionists and who act in such a diabolical way...who are involved in plots - which can never, or only with extreme difficulty, be discovered - those are the ones who are much better off. They are accepted as being good and very competent, they must be obeyed and what comes from them is perfect.

It is inevitable that, in this insane and disoriented epoch, that we, down there (he points downward), very often make that which is evil and artificial and which leads, or can lead, to apostasy under the guise of obedience, appear to be good...on the other hand, we make that which is good be considered disobedience, deliberate irreligion and a lack of humility. So it is with Mgr. Lefebvre.

Among the communists and freemasons,[14] there are some who receive such strength from us that they are unable to sleep, neither day or night - they can only work unceasingly to harm the Church. We give them the strength, we have the ability. We have such power that, if they make an alliance with us, we can give them the strength to harm the Church, in a way not spoken of in any book. Absolutely nothing has been said about what we are doing and what is being plotted by the freemasons and by certain cardinals.

E: Is the Pope informed about the cardinals? Has he investigated them? In the name of the Most Blessed Virgin Mother of God, tell us the truth!

B: He went into it a long time ago; he knows everything, everything, but he can do nothing. As we have said, his hands and feet are tied. He can do nothing, he receives injections. The doctor - listen carefully - who treats the Pope, is manipulated in such a way that the Pope receives certain poisons which are harmful to his head and to his mind. But in spite of that, he knows perfectly well what is good.

The Blessed Virgin does not, for example, permit it that he might say one day: “I excommunicate Mgr. Lefebvre.” That She would never allow.

His strength is always so paralysed, so reduced, that he no longer has the power to stand alone against the others. That is his martyrdom. It is a heavy trial and is permitted from On High. He is, as we have said, a martyr Pope.[15] He who does not believe this will see, his eyes will be opened. 

Then what a blow that will be for us! We are working day and night to prevent these things coming to light. Many are already aware, but the majority are not. 

E: If God wished it, it will come to light in spite of your work. In the name...tell us the truth! 

B: The true (truth) will always come out; it always comes out in the end. But when it does, many people will suffer frightfully; they will suffer frightfully as a result of it, just as the Pope, the true Pope, is suffering now.

At the same time, I must say again, because things always happen as Those up there wish, and as it is They who began the development of this book...I must say: that of the important revelations, and of the revelations of the book in general, there is not one which has not been made and written as Heaven wishes now, and wished it in the past, and in accordance with the Will of On High. Even with the minor revelations. They do not allow them to he false. Nevertheless, if anyone should not believe them, we would rejoice about that.

Fundamentally, the Blessed Virgin is always and in every way in command against us. If only She also had a little less power! She reduces us to nothing - our actions, I mean. She is making me say what She wishes at this time of great and frightful confusion: it is that the good people should at least be in agreement with each other and that they should have, as far as possible, one single way of speaking and acting. One must not say: “There is no double, I do not believe it”, while another says: “There is one”. There must be unity.

Because of this, She wishes it to be published strongly and insistently: the double does exist

E: How does one recognize the double?

B: We have already had to tell you that previously. Pick up the manuscripts, there is more about it in them than we wanted to say; single out the revelations in which we spoke about the double on earlier occasions, and then read Kolberg's book: “Conspiracy in the Vatican?”[16]

E: Is what Kolberg wrote correct? 

B: It is correct.

E: Has Kolberg written the truth? In his book, “Conspiracy in the Vatican?”, is he telling the truth? 

B: Kolberg tells the truth in his book. He has only a few small things that are not completely correct; but that is not very important.

E: 'Is the evidence of the voice recording[17] authentic? 


Photos are only one type of physical evidence to distinguish identity. Other physical evidence includes fingerprints, voice-prints, medical findings, etc. In his Umsturz im Vatikan? (An Overthrow in the Vatican?), Kolberg presents further evidence for the existence of the impostor pope. Voice recordings of the Latin "Urbi et Urbi" speech of "the Pope" were made on two different occasions. The two recordings were passed through a voice-frequency analyzer made by Kay Elemetrics of Pine Brook, New Jersey. The output Type B/65 sonagram voice prints of the same words pronounced by the "the Pope" on two occasions shows that they they were made by two different men. 

B: That damned evidence of the voice recording is authentic.[18] We (demons) have been responsible for its being placed in doubt and rejected...the majority of the collaborators were men who work more with us than with the other side...There are also among them, those who say what is not true, in order that they may destroy him (Pope Paul VI) and his words... How we are forced to say that! 

E: Have you anything else to say, or is that the lot?

B: She wants nothing more said today, except finally that what she has caused to be said, must be paid attention to.[19]

July 13, 1977 - Beelzebub

E: Exorcist 

B: Beelzebub 


E: I demand, in the name...tell the truth! What about the double? Have you lied to us? Yes or no? I order you, in the name... tell the truth and nothing but the truth! 

B: Because this concerns a very serious revelation, you must first recite a Rosary, to have the guarantee and certainty that afterwards we will tell the truth. 

E: (After the recitation of the Rosary) In the name of the Holy Trinity...tell the truth! This is a very important subject. In the name of the God Who will return to earth at the end of time to judge Heaven and Earth, that is the living and the dead, in the name of the Mother of the Church, we adjure you: is what you have said about the double correct? The truth, and nothing but the truth, in the name of the Mother of the Church, speak!

B: (He cries out in a terrible voice) It is the truth! He...does...exist! (He repeatedly utters terrible cries and emits sounds of frightful despair)

Warnings From Beyond (Hell), Part 2 of 3

To the Contemporary Church
[Confessions of Hell]
A literal text of the revelations made by the demons
Beelzebub, Judas Iscariot, Akabor, Allida,  and Veroba
during a series of exorcisms' from 1975 to 1978
A translation from the French, by Nancy Knowles Smith, of the book
'Avertissements de l'Au'delà à l’Église Contemporaine – Aveux de l’Enfer’  
by Jean Marty.
 The revelations have also been published in German by Bonaventure Meyer in Switzerland.
 Jean Marty's book in French is available from 'Les Editions Saint Raphael, 31 Ouest, rue King, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada J IH INS.