Satan´s evil plan is terrible!


Carbonia 07/15/2023

Satan's madness is underway, his diabolical plan is terrible!

An infernal heat envelops the countries!

Oh, how much pain in my Heart! How much pain!

A great suffering will embrace Humanity, the filthy Serpent covets the souls of My Children.

They have allowed themselves to be taken in by the forger!

They have been dazzled by the false lights of the Devil!

Now they stand in darkness!

They have emptied themselves of their true God, their Creator, to follow Lucifer.

Beloved Ones:

return to Me, that I may take you on My Arms!

I want to place you on My Chest!

I want to give you of Me.

Soon you will have the gifts of the Holy Spirit,

you will be transfigured into the Image and Likeness of Me,

I will work in you and you will be great in Me.

My children:

unrighteous man is ready to use nuclear power to destroy the Earth and all it contains.

Wake up, O men, wake up!

Keep faith with My Commandments,

put yourselves in a state of grace that I may lift you up to Me,

make you safe from this unimaginable doom.

Satan's madness is going on, his diabolical plan is terrible!

Awake My children from this deception,

ask Me for help:

You are too frail, without Me you can do nothing;

Have now the courage to say "Enough" to Satan, ...

convert yourselves!

Return to your God Love, the hour is getting terrible!

Consecrate yourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Coredemptrix of the Work of Salvation, to Her has been given the power to defeat Satan!

She with Her faithful earthly army, prepared by Her to face this last battle, will crush the head of the ancient Serpent.

Onward My children,

you are at the last stage, the time is already closed,

I await your victory in Me so that you may rejoice in Me eternally. Amen!