The example of the Priest leads men astray —Exorcism

June 29, 1977 (Saints Peter and Paul)


B= Beelzebub


B: Among the first Christians, under the emperor Nero, many let themselves be tortured to the extent of shedding their blood. They followed Christ to the point that they did not fear death. But the men of today look at the example of the priests, who are no longer what they should be and who also take the line of least resistance.

If the faithful were to see priests prepared for all sacrifices and for whom nothing is too much, no sacrifice too great or too difficult, no prayer too much, in their desire to do everything for their sheep, they would be the object of a great veneration and a great respect. The evil lies first and foremost within the clergy.

If they (the faithful) could once again depend on them (the clergy), if they were to hear proper sermons again, if the Sacraments were once again administered with all the respect which is their due, if they (the priests) had such a respect (they would receive) such graces that the lay people would more easily find the road towards Christ, and would see that it is necessary to follow the Way of the Cross and to make every effort so as not to go off along the slippery road, and the wide path which leads to the abyss. Many thousands of souls would then come back on to the narrow pathway that leads to Heaven.

We have already had to say previously, in connection with celibacy, how Heaven must be earned through sacrifices and self-denials, and that it can be earned. Heaven cannot be earned through automobiles, television, creature comforts, dissoluteness and high living. It requires self-denial, fasting, the cross, the imitation of Christ... We do not want to speak any more! How we have been forced to say those things!

Jean-Marie Vianney, for example, paid absolutely no attention to eating. That is why he used to receive graces for his sheep, because he used to fast rigorously and to pray. He scarcely noticed that his potatoes were bitter. He used to eat what he had; he did not even notice when he was hungry. Naturally, it would not be reasonable for a priest to stop eating altogether. It is absolutely necessary for him to eat, but he must not go from one extreme to the other, and get into slovenly ways through dissolute living and gluttony.

While on this subject, we must now say (he cries out in a tormented voice): You priests, you bishops, you cardinals, preach again about virtue! Follow the Way of the Cross! Take refuge in the Heart of the Immaculate! Invoke the Holy Angels! In particular, invoke the Holy Spirit with His Strength! Preach the Gospel in its most authentic spirit - the preaching of virtue and of the cross!

E: Tell the truth... in the name of the Blessed Virgin!


B: For the love of Heaven! Come back you priests, follow the Way of the Cross... recognize at last that you are no longer leading your flocks in the proper way. The GREAT LADY makes me say: Bishops, cardinals, laymen, priests realize at last that the hour has struck! It is five or ten minutes past mid-day... it is past mid-day She makes me cry out.[82]

She makes me say: Follow at last the way of virtue and of the cross, and see once again where you must go; where your place is, for you no longer know it. Do penance, pray - if possible day and night - and be converted; do penance and be converted... for... the day is going to come (he cries out in a terrifying voice)... the day of the just anger of God... of Him up there. Who will crush you if you are unwilling to see how you should lead your flock!

You laymen, pray also and do penance for your priests, who no longer see what road they are following! Set about this with all your powers and all your strength, otherwise there will be many more thousands of souls who will be lost!

Bishops, priests and lay people, follow the Way of the Cross. Behold: it is a long time since it struck mid-night. This is one of the last warnings, warnings from the Beyond, which will still be given in order that men may be converted and see clearly.

If you knew what road you are on! If you knew what hour has struck and what it is like down there in Hell, you would crucify yourselves! You would make martyrs of yourselves and you would do penance so as not to be damned; so as to be able to shorten that terrible Purgatory by only a few years.

That is what She, the GREAT LADY makes me say, and that is what Those up there (he points upward) make me say, over and over again.

For this book, the second part of it, this is now the last statement: Do penance, pray and change yourselves, for... the anger of God will crush you if you do not come back (he sighs)...

The GREAT LADY is weeping bitter tears, because She sees how many of her children, how many priests, bishops and cardinals are blind and do not see clearly.

She says, and makes me say: For the love of Heaven, hear at last the warning, the final warning from the Beyond, and do what She wishes. Beg God for grace. Come back, before it is too late and the anger of God comes crashing down on you... and She comes... and before She is obliged to let fall the arm of her Son!