A family that prays together, stays together

 When we Christians gather together to pray, Christ is among us, who gladly listens to this prayer based on unity. So also did the Apostles: they persevered in prayer with one accord, with the women and with Mary, the Mother of Jesus. It was the new family of Christ.

The family prayer par excellence is the Holy Rosary. The Christian family," Pope John Paul II teaches, "finds and strengthens its identity in prayer. Strive to find time each day to spend together talking with the Lord and listening to his voice. How beautiful it is when a family prays even one part of the Rosary in the evening!

"A family that prays together, stays together; a family that prays, is a family that is saved.

"Act in such a way that your homes become places of Christian faith and virtue, through prayer prayed all together!".

When beginning to pray the Holy Rosary in a home, perhaps at first only the parents will pray it; then a child will join in, then a grandmother.... Sometimes it may be said during a car trip, or a time may be set by common agreement; perhaps, in some countries, before dinner or immediately after.... The Rosary and the recitation of the Angelus - the Pontiff pointed out on another occasion - "should be for every Christian and even more so for Christian families a spiritual oasis in the course of the day, to take courage and confidence". "Would that the beautiful custom of praying the Rosary as a family could be revived!".

The Church has been willing to grant innumerable graces and indulgences when the Rosary is prayed as a family. Let us take the necessary means to encourage this prayer so pleasing to the Lord and to his Blessed Mother, and which is considered "a great public and universal prayer for the ordinary and extraordinary needs of the holy Church, of the nations and of the whole world". It is a good support on which the family unit relies and the best help to face its needs.

Hablar con Dios