On the false Eucharist that is coming -Edson Glauber

Manaus-AM. Brazil

Peace for your heart!

My son, write my holy words and alert souls:

They, the agents of Satan, will make many accept a false Eucharist that does not come from me, your God.

Everything begins with the false human brotherhood, the false communion of brothers, and then they arrive at the false Eucharist invented by them.

Satan is acting strongly within my Church to tear away from you the great treasure, to trample on my love, my gifts and my graces, because the servants who do not love me have allowed themselves to be corrupted by him because of money, power and impurity. Whoever does not eat of my flesh and drink of my blood will have no share in the glory of my kingdom.

This wicked and loveless generation deserves great punishment for its terrible sins. 

Be strong. Bear witness to the truth by proclaiming my eternal words to souls that I may heal and restore them with my love.

Only those who are faithful to the end will receive the eternal reward and the crown of glory. 

Free yourself from all cowardice. Do not be afraid. I am the one who loves you. I, the Almighty God, am with you. I am ever united with all those who love me and welcome my holy words into their hearts.

I bless you!