These are the last messages before the Warning!!!



Carbonia, 10.01.2018

Beloved ones of your God, you are about to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit, you are about to leave your miserable humanity to ascend to Me where in Me you will be in the dimension of love and will belong forever to your God Love.

Charity and love are the gifts of God, He is Love and Charity He is the One who out of love gave Himself in charity to you. My beloved children, oh you who seek Me day and night, oh you who beseech Me for the early return to Earth, behold, in Truth, I say to you, I am now to you, I am at the descent of My Heaven, I am coming to take in Me all My children, all those who, in their goodness to Me, have given their lives for the mission entrusted to them by the Creator God.  

In Truth you will celebrate another day, your new life in eternal love and happiness. I will soon raise up My children and set them to enjoy in a clean world, full of immense joy and I will make them kings in Me, in My Charity they will dwell and perform tasks of love and charity. My Heaven is open to welcome the children of Love, their enthusiasm will be great, they will defeat Satan because they will have obeyed My Laws and followed Me according to My Will. Behold, I am with you, what desire still remains before I take you into Me?

Will you be enthusiastic about Me? 

Will you be those who will prostrate themselves before Me, thanking Me for the most beautiful gift, that of eternal life in Me? My beloved children, My Sacred Heart is waiting for you, yearning for you with immense love and supporting you as you go. This Heaven is quivering with you, waiting for you to give you of His Greatness, of His Beauty, in the Delight of Love you will enter, and renewed in Love you will be satiated with Love. Beloved My creatures, GOD is to bestow His All on you, be aware of this Perfect Love of His in you, for you will be partakers of His Kingdom and you will be kings at His side, what greatness for you! What happiness awaits you oh men of God! Great are My Works in you, soon you will know them and be great in Me. Do not stand by what your friends do not see because of their blindness and show themselves unaware of the greatness God has shown them, they will suffer pain because of their blindness of heart. 

When God commands, His Servant must respond without disobeying and must show his all for God's All. Beloved children, these messages will soon attract the world, for GOD Himself commands them! He is the One who possesses everything and in His infinite Love will present them HIS.

His people already know them and eat them, but those who do not listen, because they are anchored in the things of this world, and mock them, will soon recognize them as Mine and at that time they will beg for My Mercy! The hour has come for the arrival of the KING! In this time you will see the wonders of God! Love Me oh men, love Me and follow Me with true faith, never renounce Me, for only in Me will you be safe and be filled with love and jubilation. The Truth is in the world and is calling His children back to Himself, do not waste a moment My children, these are the last messages before the warning! Save yourselves!  God loves you, and all are waiting for you. Amen!

Blessings to you, thanks to you! The Most Holy Trinity.