To be a light for others


Those who are closest to us should benefit from the vigilant attitude that the Lord desires us to maintain in our hearts. At times, an environment moved by a purely material conception of life and the bad examples of those who should be the signposts are very heavy; at times, the inclination of passions "that pull us down" is very heavy..., but the strength of charity well lived is more powerful. Frater qui adiuvatur a fratre, quasi civitas firma, the brother helped by his brother is as strong as a walled city, which the enemy cannot storm. The power of good is greater than that of evil. Hence the importance of our life: we must be like lighted lamps that light the way of many.

We must protect and safeguard those people with whom the Lord has wanted us to have closer ties and a special relationship? ... and all humanity, with the care of a fraternity well lived: helping them daily with prayer, warning them opportunely and delicately through fraternal correction when we realize that in their life they are introducing ways and customs that disdain a good Christian, with advice that helps them to improve their family or professional life, with a word of encouragement in moments of discouragement, understanding their mistakes and defects and helping them to overcome them.... Even with a greeting we can do them good, for "the greeting," says St. Thomas, "is a kind of prayer ": in it we wish for the peace of their soul, that God be with them....

Frater qui adiuvatur a fratre quasi civitas firma, the brother helped by his brother is as strong as a walled city. If we allow ourselves to be helped and give ourselves truly to those who are at our side, we will be able to wait for Christ who comes and will introduce us to the wedding feast, to Love without measure and without end.

Hablar con Dios