The Suffering of the Opus Dei Teacher Continues

The Secretariat of State informed José Martínez, an Opus Dei teacher who was falsely convicted for “abuse” in Spain, that Francis refuses to receive him (, November 7).

Now, Martínez has published an open letter to Francis. His main points:

• In 2015, an exhaustive investigation by the CDF concluded that Martínez was innocent.

• A Bizkaia court then sentenced Martínez to 11 years in prison, a sentence which the Spanish Supreme Court reduced to 2 years.

• In August 2022, a second canonical trial was opened after Francis participated in a television programme with Martínez’ accuser, Juan Cuatrecasas.

• Illegal means were used in this trial such as the retroactive application of a criminal law, leaks to the press, or Francis receiving one Cuatrecasas but not Martínez.

• Martínez’ appeals were answered only partially or not at all.

• The Apostolic Signatura has dismissed Martínez’ lawyers.

• Martínez is the world’s only layman to be judged retroactively by the Church for an abuse accusation.

• The latest news is that the sentence is known before the trial begins: Martínez’ expulsion from the Opus Dei [to which he doesn't belong anyway after Francis’ crusade against the Personal Prelature].

• The presumed slanderer will be “compensated” with lots of money.