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Universal call to holiness

All of Sacred Scripture is a call to holiness, to the fullness of charity, but today Jesus tells us explicitly in the Gospel of the Mass: Be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect1. And Christ does not address himself to the Apostles, or to a few, but to all. St. Matthew tells us that, at the end of these discourses, the crowds were amazed at his teachings2 . Jesus does not ask holiness to a small group of disciples who accompany him everywhere, but to all who approach him, to the multitudes, among whom were mothers of families, day laborers and artisans who would stop to listen to him on their way home from work, children, publicans, sick beggars.... The Lord calls in his following without distinction of state, race or condition.

To us, to each one in particular, to our neighbors, to our colleagues at work or at school, to these people who walk down the street..., Christ says: Be perfect..., and he gives us the appropriate graces. It is not an advice of the Master, but a demanding command. "In the Church, all, both those who belong to the hierarchy and those who are shepherded by it, are called to holiness, according to the Apostle: For this is the will of God, your sanctification (1 Thess 4:3)". "All the faithful, of whatever state or condition, are called to the fullness of the Christian life and to the perfection of charity4. There is no call to mediocrity in the doctrine of Christ, but to heroism, to love, to joyful sacrifice.

Love is within the reach of the child, of the sick person who has been in the hospital bed for months, of the businessman, of the doctor who barely has a free minute..., because holiness is a question of love, of striving to reach, with the help of grace, the Master. It is a matter of giving a new meaning to life, with all the joys, toils and sorrows that come with it. Holiness implies demanding, combating conformism, lukewarmness, and bourgeoisness, and asks us to be heroic, not in extraordinary events, which few or none of us will encounter, but in continuous fidelity to the duties of every day

The liturgy today turns to the words of St. Cyprian, who exhorted the Christians of the third century: "Beloved brethren, we must remember and know that since we call God our Father, we must act as his children, so that he may be pleased with us (...). Let our conduct be such as befits our condition as temples of God (...). And as He has said: Be ye holy, for I am holy, therefore we ask and pray that we, who were sanctified in baptism, may persevere in this initial sanctification. And this we ask every day. Today we implore God: Lord, give us a lively desire for holiness, to be exemplary in our work, to love you more each day. Help us to spread your doctrine everywhere?