Boy lover symbolism?

The most recent such event took place in Panama in January of this year. Frequent visitors to this site may recall the horrendous prayer and adoration vigil “Pope” Francis presided over, which featured a grotesque-looking hollow metal monstrance in the form of the Blessed Mother:
So far, so bad.
But now some people on Twitter have claimed that during that ceremony Francis used a humeral veil with a trim pattern that displays a logo used by pedophiles and pederasts to identify themselves to kindred spirits. Thus we decided to investigate, and what we found was shocking.
First, regarding the symbol itself. On Jan. 31, 2007, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) internally published an unclassified but law-enforcement-sensitive intelligence bulletin entitled “Symbols and Logos Used by Pedophiles to Identify Sexual Preferences.” This document was made available to the public on Nov. 22, 2007 by Wikileaks and can be accessed in full here.
The logo the FBI identifies as “BLogo aka ‘Boy Lover'” is this one:
The FBI intelligence bulletin describes and explains the symbol, and also shows an alternate logo that is intended to convey perverted attraction specifically to little boys and is called, accordingly, “LBLogo”:
This sickening stuff isn’t made up, and the threat is real. The following two mainstream news sites have published articles warning people of these (and other) symbols and what they really stand for. But be careful, as these two sites are very secular and tend to have immodest photos and lewd advertisements on them:
Anyone who has, has the care of, or cares about children and their safety ought to be familiar with these logos and what they represent.
Now let’s have a look at the liturgical vestments used by Francis and other Novus Ordo clergy during World Youth Day 2019. We’ll begin with the prayer vigil for young people on January 26. The trim on Francis’ humeral veil features triangles that are practically indistinguishable from the sordid “Boy Lover” logo. Only the additional bottom bar is missing — perhaps for deniability’s sake? [UPDATE: A reader kindly pointed out that the two logos are truly 100% identical, as proved here.]
The same logo appears on the trim of Francis’ cope, both in the back and in the front:
For verification purposes, you can view all the photos released by the Vatican here, of which some of the above screenshots have been taken. In addition, we present here the entire video of the ceremony, made available by Vatican Media:

The following day, January 27, Francis presided over the event’s closing “Mass” wearing a chasuble with the same curious trim pattern:
Many of his concelebrants did as well:
Here too we share the full video and a link to the photo gallery:

Conclusion: Although the symbol on the liturgical vestments is not perfectly identical [CORRECTION:they are!] to the logo the FBI has identified as conveying pedophilia or pederasty, nevertheless it is almost so and certainly similar enough to where an untrained eye could not tell the difference. This accomplishes two things: Anyone who is an insider can tell what it is meant to signify and therefore “gets” it; and yet, should the need ever arise, pedophiliac symbolism can be denied since the logo is not perfectly identical.
Which brings us to a related case: Remember the curious logo for the World Meeting of Families last year in Dublin, Ireland, and the entirely coincidental resemblance with a symbol used in the sodomite underworld? No wonder Francis wore a “Baphomet miter” for the occasion!
Ladies and gentlemen, draw your own conclusions.