The Vatican hosts the (masonic) World Council of Churches the same day of the consecration

Matt Gaspers

On the same day that Francis `consecrated´ the Church and all humanity, especially #Russia and #Ukraine"to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Vatican hosted the World Council of Churches* (@Oikoumene) for their annual meeting. 

According to St. Maximilian Kolbe (1894-1941), "there is no greater enemy of the Immaculata and her Knighthood than today’s ecumenism...." 



WHO IS A CHRISTIAN: The WCC considers a Christian to be a person baptized in the Orthodox, Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran and Protestant churches without distinction.

THE THEOLOGY OF HIGH CRITICISM: The WCC says that the Bible must be interpreted from the historical-critical method, this method treats the Bible as a human book with errors, denies that the world was created in a supernatural way, denies the reality of biblical prophecy, denies the divinity of Jesus Christ, the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ and the second coming of Christ and the final judgment as real events.

THE INFLUENCE OF HUMANISM: The CMI considers man as good only that he has to be improved, a concept contrary to the scriptures that tells us that man sins and that is why he needs a savior. It speaks of achieving peace and union, the bible speaks that with human efforts this is not possible only conversion of hearts through Christ. When it speaks of conversion it speaks of doing good works, but it does not say anything about turning away from sin. It also speaks of the God who is in you and in everyone, even in things (new era). It also speaks of building the kingdom of God here, the bible does not speak of this, it speaks that a kingdom will come, that in the meantime we must live in love, but not of building a kingdom here.


CHANGE OF SOCIAL STRUCTURES: The WCC focuses as mission a change in social structures, and does not mention the proclamation of the gospel, God did not give us the goal of changing social structures but to announce the message of salvation, that we must do good, of course, but to say that the commission is to change social structures is a serious mistake.

SALVATION ONLY IN THE MATERIAL: The WCC says that to speak of the salvation of the soul is obsolete. That it does not matter at all in our times. These words are heretical, the salvation of our souls is the most valuable thing that exists, that is why Christ came to die, and warned very seriously about those who would preach another gospel. The WCC only understands salvation as material help, it does not relate salvation with liberation from sin, peace with God or eternal life. It speaks of a total dedication in favor of humanity and that this would contribute greatly to the welfare. In so far as we ourselves can be saviors. Total heresy. God says that we cannot save ourselves even if we have the best of intentions and actions, for by our fallen nature we need a savior "Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved" Acts 4:12. To say that we can be our saviors is to contradict the heart of the gospel.

NO TO "PROSELITISM": The WCC is against preaching the gospel to other Christian brethren. (Something that Bergoglio has already said on several occasions). 

THE WCC PROPOSED A NEW DEFINITION OF HERESY, WHICH IS "CAUSING DIVISION BY SAYING THAT ONE HAS THE ONLY AND EXCLUSIVE TRUTH" This is very delicate, FOR IF I PREACH TO A MUSLIM THAT CHRIST ALONE IS THE WAY, WILL I BE CATALOGED AS A HERESY FOR SUSTAINING THAT I HAVE THE EXCLUSIVE TRUTH? The truth is in the word of God, heresy is that which is not in the word but is a human invention. Therefore if a Christian proclaims the word of God denouncing the errors and human inventions of others, are we going to say that he is a heretic, for claiming to have the exclusive truth? 


THE WCC DOES NOT SUPPORT A BIBLICAL ETHICS: God loves us but does not stop pointing out our sins and leading us to repentance and changing our behavior according to his will. The WCC does not work in this way with groups of homosexuals, but remains silent on biblical ethics and allows them to continue as they came.

THE WCC IS PRO-COMMUNIST: During the years of communist rule in Eastern Europe, the WCC maintained friendly relations with the governments of those countries, while never once denouncing the human rights violations and bloody persecutions against Christians under those governments. It even condemned those Christians who helped the persecuted church with Bibles and who published testimonies of their suffering. Today they maintain friendly relations with communist leaders like Fidel Castro. On the other hand, the WCC, which wants to be the watchdog of human rights, is silent in the face of the Chinese government's oppression and persecution of Christians.



The Roman Catholic Church is not a member of the WCC, but has maintained close relations with it since the Second Vatican Council. It has become a full member of many national ecumenical bodies and several international organizations.