Another desecration: voodoo exposition in a church

The Haitian "artist group" Atis Rezistans is currently presenting sculptures in St Kunigundis Church in Kassel, Fulda diocese, Germany.

Due to damage to the ceiling vault, the church has been closed for services since 2019 "for safety reasons", but blasphemous exhibitions seem to be safe.

According to (17 August), the Haitians explained that traditions of the "voodoo religion" have been incorporated into their sculptures, which are made of metal, scrap metal, human skulls (!) and bones.

According to local media, visitors react with "astonishment and sometimes horror". One man shouted "Do you like the devil?" at one of the "artists" at the opening and asked what was being done with the Kunigundis Church.

In contrast, decadent Fulda Diocese warmly welcomed the exhibition in front of the DPA agency. The pictorial treatment of death had - allegedly - direct parallels with the Baroque tradition [or rather with the slow suicide of the Council Church].

*There are a lot of deities in voodoo, demonic possessions, animal sacrifices (human sacrifices in Petro - a form of black magic in voodoo); 

Voodoo rituals are elaborate, steeped in secret languages, dances during demonic possessions, and special diets for voodoo priests and priestesses. It is believed that the ancestral dead walk among the living during their hooded dances and that touching the person dancing during the trance can be dangerous enough to cause the death of the offender.

There is the buying and selling of talismans used as fetishes. These can be statues representing voodoo gods, stuffed animal heads and other body parts. They are sold as medicine and also for the spiritual powers they are believed to possess. Participants in the dark side of voodoo use it to summon evil spirits and send spells to their adversaries.

Both women and men can be voodoo priests. There are stages of initiation to enter priestly duties. Their main functions are: healings, rituals, religious ceremonies to invoke or pacify spirits, perform initiations for new priests and priestesses, read fortunes, read dreams, send spells, invoke protection and create potions for various purposes. These potions have varied purposes from love spells to death spells; all for a juicy price, of course. sobre el ocultismo