Lexington's Wolf Bishop Hunts "Catholic Wolves"

Homosexualist John Stowe, who happens to be Lexington Bishop, doesn’t have "to wander very far to encounter the wolves" in the Church, he preached during an August 7 Eucharist for Pax Christi.

He identified the wolves among those Catholics who support the death-penalty, are willing to "bless arms but not some [homosex] couples," are not hearing the voices of women [= abortionists] in the "fights about abortion," cannot bring themselves to pronounce [the racist slogan] ‘Black lives matter,’ and who are "self-proclaimed uber-Catholics" who insist that they know "more and better than the pope." The Ultramontanist sect which emerged in the 19th century, believes that the Pope knows everything.

At the same event, Marie Dennis, a certain homosexualist, was awarded a "peace price" and then spoke about a "need for a diverse inclusive church."