Now I will thunder my justice!

Carbonia 12bis.08.2022 

Now I will make my justice thunder!

Beloved daughter, write to my beloved people:

My people, my faithful people, my beloved, be attentive because now all that I have announced will come to pass....

You are about to witness the greatest destruction in the history of this wicked humanity, unfaithful to its Creator.

This world is in ruins because of sin. Show me your fidelity, O men, before my arm descends upon you.

I dare to tell you that I am truly tired of your conduct, I am mortified! I ardently desired your repentance, I wanted to have you with Me eternally, in the happiness of My All! But you have chosen another god, you have destined yourselves to death instead of Life!

My Sacred Heart still drips blood, My eyes are a wound. Poor Humanity so foolish to believe Satan and not My Creator.

Now I will make my justice thunder! ... I will forge you like gold in the crucible, you will be put in a condition of pain, you will have to cry out for My help, you will have to recognize Me as your Creator God and return to Me because you are Mine, I have created you and I claim you as Mine.

In your foolishness you have once again betrayed your Creator God, you have abused His goodness, you have denied Him. Poor men!

What will you do when the world collapses upon you, will you cry out for help to the One who has subjected you to slavery?

Poor foolish Humanity, you have succumbed to the blandishments of the adversary although you knew that you would take the wrong path, you have defied your God, you have humbled yourselves before Lucifer.... For what?

Will you have an eternal life with joy and love? No! You will suffer his tortures in hell, you will have an eternal suffering! .... ... Will you have made the right decision?

The floodgates of Heaven will open, God will descend with all His Heaven to save His children and put an end to this demonic pandemic.

Enough is enough. The time has come for my intervention, I will not let my Church, usurped by Satan, be destroyed, ... that my people be dispersed; I will recover all that belongs to me.

I will put my people in a state of grace: 

I, the One and Three God, come to bind Satan in hell!

Rejoice, O all you who hope in me with love and faithfulness, for to you the way of true Life has been opened. Amen.