Promoting Evil: Francis’ Criminal Friend

• Milagro Sala, 58, a friend of Francis, travelled to the Vatican “to launder money” (, August 17).

• Sala is a leader of the Peronist Tupac Amaru Neighbourhood Association in Jujuy, Argentina.

• She was arrested in January 2016, charged with embezzling funds intended “to support the poor,” and sentenced to 13 years in prison in 2019.

• In recent days, former staff members have decided to testify in cases against her.

• Among them is Mirta Guerrero ("Shakira"), Sala’s close associate for 26 years, who herself was sentenced to six years in prison for fraud.

• Guerrero said she was part of a 16-people delegation to Francis, "When we left, we were each given $10,000, which, when we arrived at our destination, we had to return [to Sala]."

• Sala has always been violent, Guerrero says, “She is a monster.” These allegations are corroborated by other staff members.

• In May 2017, Francis sent a handwritten letter of endorsement to Sala who supports contraception, abortion and homosexualism.