Revelations to Maria Lataste about the angels

What angels were created for, how God uses them and how to tune in to them.

Nothing escapes God.

Just as He created everything, so He preserves everything and watches over everything.

Yet He has entrusted the execution of the acts of His providence to ministers whom He has given Himself.

These ministers are the angels.

He entrusted to them the administration of the world and made them the executors of His will.

Some give Him glory through their perpetual attendance around His throne and others assist Him in the government of His works.

One of His works is human beings, which He also entrusted to them. 

And for them He created personal angels, who are always by the side of every human being, watching over him, guarding him, and that is why they are called guardian angels.

Here we will talk about the impressive revelation that Jesus Christ made to Mary Lataste about the relationship that God established from the beginning between human beings and angels, how the good angels act on us and how the bad angels act on us, and how we human beings should act towards the angels, in order to obtain more benefits.  

In the first half of the 1800's there lived in Mimbaste, France, a young woman who could barely read and write, named Maria Lataste.

She entered a convent as a nun at the age of 22 and died at 25.

She had mystical experiences very early, it is said that her first communion at the age of 12 and her confirmation were the turning point of her life.

Towards the end of 1839, when he was only seventeen years old, he saw Christ present on the altar of the small parish church during the elevation.

He was surrounded by his angels, but as if veiled by a luminous cloud that prevented him from being perfectly distinguished; this happened several times.

And during the various mystical experiences that followed, he received doctrinal instructions from the very mouth of Jesus, giving him an impressive spiritual and doctrinal education.

When he was 19 years old, his spiritual director asked him to write down in notebooks everything that Jesus had told him and what he would tell him from now on, and they only came to light in 1862.

Jesus had told her for example that soon a Pope would ascend to the See of St. Peter and proclaim the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, and this was told to her long before the election of Pius IX and the declaration of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception in 1854. 

And she was also told that she would die before the age of 26.

And among the things Jesus instructed her in was about angels.

He told her that God wanted to complete all his work and sum it up, with the creation of man, composed of a body and a soul.

By his soul man is united to the angels and by his body to the rest of creation.

So he is related to the spiritual creation through his soul and to the material creation through his body.

Therefore the most intimate union of man is with the angels, because it must last forever.

On the other hand the union with material creatures is of much lesser degree, because it is only transitory and lasts only until the time of the entrance into eternity.

Jesus told him that there is an intense communication between the soul of man and the angels.

And that if man makes alliance with the good angels and if he follows them, he will be good.

And if he makes alliance with the evil angels, man will be evil and become like them. 

For let us remember that when God informed the angels about the incarnation of His son as a human being, there was a rebellion of one third of the angels led by Lucifer.

They were defeated by the Archangel Michael at the cry of "who as God" and expelled from heaven becoming the evil angels, although they retained their supernatural gifts.

And from that moment they are on Earth trying to tempt men to sin, lose their salvation and go to live with them in hell.

Now what did Jesus Christ reveal about how angels act?

Our Lord told Him that He sends light to human beings through the angels.

And angels enlighten men in three ways: by announcing to them the divine mysteries, by instructing them and by exhorting them.

For example, the angel Gabriel fulfilled all three of these functions before the Virgin Mary

He announced to her the mystery of the Incarnation: "Behold, you will conceive a Son".

He instructed her about this mystery: "The Holy Spirit will descend upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you".

And he exhorted her, "Do not be afraid, Mary."

The angels also show good, instruct men to do good, and exhort them to do good.

And they do this both visibly and invisibly.

But the will always remains free, neither the angels nor God can give it movement toward good if man does not will it. 

Although the angels work to dispose men towards good.

But God also allows the evil angels to act upon man, but not to make man do evil, but to test man and make him struggle, to increase his merits and to give him a more beautiful crown in heaven.

Moreover, evil angels have only the power God has given them, and God never allows them to tempt anyone above the strength of the one they are tempting.

The evil angels act in the opposite direction to the good angels, they push, towards evil, but this movement can be repelled only to the extent that the will of the one who is tempted wants to receive and accept the motions of the good angels.

For all this help every man has a guardian angel, those who do good as well as those who do evil, those who will be saved as well as those who will be damned.

In the righteous the guardian angels work to preserve their righteousness and in sinners to make them righteous.

These angels watch over the man entrusted to them from the first moment of his birth, and remain with him until his death.

But not only men have guardian angels: every city, every kingdom, every family, every parish, every community has its guardian angel.

What you do not see, your guardian angel sees for you, and what you cannot see, your guardian angel can see for you.

He protects our body and soul by taking away everything that could be harmful to them and he does it without you realizing it.

But they respond to God's will and sometimes God will let human beings go through trials for our growth.

The guardian angel works to remove from us the evils of the body and soul.

He fights against our enemies, the devil, the world, our passions and ourselves.

When he fights against the Devil, he prevents him from tempting us beyond our strength, generating for us antidotes to the evil thoughts and opportunities to sin that he presents to us.

And if sometimes he does not prevent the attack, he doubles our strength.

It also distances us from the world, makes us despise it and turn our gaze to heaven, to the kingdom of God.

He fights against our evil passions, the effects of original sin, reducing their strength, and works to secure for us a victory that strengthens us.

The guardian angel also incites us to do good, enlightening our intelligence, showing us God's will and desire, making us understand the advantage of good and the danger of evil.

He brings our prayers to God so that God may receive them, he offers him all our good works, so that he may inscribe us in the book of life.

He prays for us because he knows our needs and the powerlessness in which we find ourselves to act on our own. 

He knows much better than we do our weakness and our helplessness, much better than we do the goodness of God and his desire to help us, and he knows how to pray much better than we do.

Our Guardian Angel will follow us everywhere all the days of our life.

And when God takes us out of this world, He will present us to Himself and put us in Heaven if we are just, and have satisfied divine justice. 

But if we have to go through the flames of purgatory, he will also pray and have us prayed for.

And when we are released he will take us to the abode of the elect for eternity. 

And what is our duty towards them according to Jesus Christ?

We owe him respect, because he is one of the princes of the heavenly court, he is God's representative, he is God's minister close to you. 

We must honor his dignity and respect his character as God's messenger.

We owe him obedience because God has made him our protector, our guardian and therefore in a way he is your superior. 

We must have the docility of a son to his Father, because to obey your guardian angel is to obey God who gave him to you.

And we owe him love, because our guardian angel is our protector and benefactor, that demands recognition, and recognition is demonstrated by love.