Switzerland: City’s Oldest Church Serves Homosex

A "no-cost" homosex service is currently being advertised in Lucerne, Switzerland, with posters at churches and on the internet.

It will be staged in Catholic St Peter's Chapel on 4 September, at the end of a local homosex rally. Afterwards, everyone is invited to an aperó.

The event is sponsored by the Reformed Church of the Canton of Lucerne, a "Catholic Church in the Canton of Lucerne" and the Christian Catholic Parish of Lucerne. The canton of Lucerne is historically Catholic and belongs to Basel Diocese.

St. Peter's Chapel is the oldest church in the city. Today it is used as a multi-purpose room with a good WLAN connection, which appeals mainly to campaigners who got stuck in the 1960s.

The lay catechist Meinrad Furrer, who leads the activities in that room, "blessed" two homosexual concubinists in May 2021.

In connection with the homosexual march, there is also a defamatory exhibition linking the Catholic Church to the criminalisation of homosex.