The 7 thunders, the 7 plagues -Valtorta

Jesus says:

"The seven last plagues correspond to the seven thunders not described 91 As always, they are figurative descriptions but in which reality is not totally excluded. I will explain to you what I deem appropriate to be explained to you about them.

The first is the ulcer.

Since the time of Moses, I punished with repugnant diseases the creatures who had committed unforgivable sins against Me. Mary, Moses' sister, had her body covered with leprosy for having spoken ill of my servant Moses. How should it not happen in the same way and even more to those who speak ill of their God? The leprosy, or whatever ulcer it is, spreads more and more because you have spread more and more your sins against God and against the marvelous work of God which you are.

When you wallow in lust, do you not think that you commit a sin against God? Well, yes, you do, because you profane your body where the spirit resides to welcome Me, Supreme Spirit. And to what point is man's lust, fulfilled with cold and conscious will, reaching? It is better not to go deeper into this abyss of disgusting human degradation. I tell you that certain animals were called unclean, but that man has already surpassed them and will surpass them still more, and that if a new animal could be created, obtained from the crossing of monkeys with serpents and pigs, it would still be less unclean than certain men, who have man's appearance, but whose interior is more lubricious and repugnant than the dirtiest animal.

As I have told you, humanity is becoming more and more divided. The spiritual part, exiguous to the maximum, ascends. The carnal part, very numerous, descends. It descends to a frightful depth of vice. When the time of wrath comes, humanity will have reached the perfection of vice.

And do you want the internal stench of their dead souls not to transpire to the exterior and corrupt the flesh, adored more than Me and used for all prostitutions? And as ulcers will be provoked by you, so will you fill the sea and the waters of the rivers with blood. You are already filling them with your carnage, and the inhabitants of the waters are diminishing, slain by you, contributing to your famine. You have so trampled on the gifts that God has given you for your material needs, that earth, sky and waters are becoming your enemies and are denying you the fruits of the earth and the inhabitants of the waters, of the rivers, of the forests, of the air.

Kill, kill if you will, trample underfoot the law of love and forgiveness, spread fraternal blood and especially the blood of the good, whom you persecute justly because they are good. But beware lest one day God force you to quench your hunger and thirst with the blood you have shed, in opposition to my order of peace and love.

You rebel against the laws that I have given you, rebel against the stars and planets that until now have given you the light and warmth that you needed, obeying the rules that I have indicated out of kindness towards you.

Disgusting diseases as a mark of your vice; blood in the waters as a testimony of all the blood that you have wanted to shed, and among this is mine; fire from the sun to make you taste in advance the eternal embers that await the damned; darkness to warn you that darkness awaits the one who hates the Light: all this to induce you to reflect and repent.

And it will not help. You will continue to precipitate. You will continue to fulfill your alliances with evil, preparing the way for the "kings of the East", that is, for the helpers of the Son of Evil.

It seems that it is my angels who bring the plagues. In reality it is you. You want them and you shall have them.

Made dragons and beasts yourselves, because you have espoused the Dragon and the Beast, you will give birth, from your corrupted interior, to unclean beings: absolute demonic doctrines that by performing false wonders will seduce the powerful and drag them into battle against God. You will be so perverted that you will take for heavenly prodigies what is an infernal creation.

Mary, I now take you by the hand to lead you to the darkest point of the book of John. The commentators of the same have exhausted their capacity in many deductions to explain to themselves and to the multitudes who the "great Babylon" is. With human vision, to which the shocks produced by desired events or by events that have happened are not alien, they have given the name of Babylon to many things.

But how have they never thought that the "great Babylon" is the whole Earth? It would be a very small and limited Creator God if He had only created the Earth as an inhabited world!

With a heartbeat of my will I have raised worlds and worlds out of nothingness and I have projected them, luminous dust, in the immensity of the firmament.

The Earth, of which you are so proud and so fierce, is but one of the rotating dust in infinity, and not the largest. But it is certainly the most corrupt. Lives and lives swarm in the millions of worlds that are the joy of your gaze on serene nights, and the perfection of God will appear to you when you can see, with the intellectual vision of the spirit united again to God, the wonders of those worlds.

Is not the earth the great whore who has fornicated with all the powers of earth and hell, and have not the inhabitants of the earth prostituted themselves, bodies and souls, in order to triumph in the day of earth?

Yes, it is so. The crimes of the earth have all the names of blasphemy, as has the Beast with whom the earth and its inhabitants have allied themselves in order to triumph. The seven sins are as a horrible ornament on the head of the Beast who transports Earth and earthlings to the pastures of Evil, and the ten horns, a metaphorical number, are to demonstrate the 'infinite infamies accomplished in order to obtain, at any price, whatever his ferocious greed wants.

Is not the Earth soaked with the blood of the martyrs, drunk with this holy liquor which, drunk by its sacrilegious mouth, has become a filter of accursed intoxication? The Beast that carries it: compendium and synthesis of all the evil accomplished from Adam onwards in order to triumph in the world and in the carpe, brings behind it those who, adoring it, will become kings of an hour and of an accursed kingdom. You are kings as children of God, and it is an eternal kingdom. But you become kings of an hour and of an accursed kingdom when you worship Satan, who can give you only an ephemeral triumph paid at the price of an eternity of horror.

The Beast," says John, "was and is not. So it will be at the end of the world. It was, because it has really existed; it is not because I, Christ, will have defeated it and buried it, for then it will no longer be necessary for the triumphs of the world.

Is not the earth sitting upon the waters of its seas, and has it not made use of them to harm? What has it not made use of? Peoples, nations, races, confines, interests, foods, expansions, everything has served her to fornicate and to fulfill unbridled homicides and ischariotic betrayals. Her own children, nourished by her with the blood of sin, will fulfill the vengeance of God upon her, destroying her, destroying herself, bringing the sum of the crimes against God and against man to the perfect number that demands the thundering of my: "Enough!".

The blood of the martyrs and of the prophets shall boil in that hour, perfuming My throne with pleasant pleasing odor, and the clods of the earth, which have gathered the groans of those murdered for hatred of Me receiving their last shocks, shall utter a great cry made of all those holy groans and shall tremble with convulsion of anguish, shaking the cities and the houses of men in which sin and murder are committed, and filling the vault of Heaven with the voice crying out for Justice.

And there will be Justice. I will come. I will come because I am Faithful and True. I will come to give Peace to the faithful and holy Judgment to the living. I will come with my name whose meaning is known only to Me and in whose letters are the principal attributes of God of whom I am Part and All.

He writes: Jesus 93: Greatness, Eternity, Holiness, Unity. Write: Christ: Charity, Redemption, Immensity, Wisdom, Trinity, Omnipotence (of God condensed in the name of the humanized Word). And if it seems to you that some attribute is missing, think that Justice is included in holiness, because he who is holy is just, Royalty in greatness" Creation in omnipotence. Therefore in my name are proclaimed the praises of God.

Holy name whose sound terrifies demons. Name of Life that gives Life, Light, Strength to those who love you and invoke you.

Name that is the crown upon my head 94 of conqueror of the Beast and his prophet who will be imprisoned, nailed, submerged, buried in the liquid and eternal fire whose biting cruelty is inconceivable to human sense.

Then will be the time of my Kingdom on Earth. Therefore there will be a truce in the demonic crimes to give man time to hear again the voices of heaven. Removed from the midst of the force that unleashes horror, they will descend like cascades of grace, like rivers of celestial waters, from the great spiritual currents, to speak words of Light.

But in the same way that throughout the centuries they did not gather the isolated Voices, beginning with that of the Word, which speak of Good, men will be deaf, always deaf, except those marked by my sign, my most beloved friends attentive to follow me, deaf to the voices of many spirits, to the voices similar to the murmur of many waters that will sing the new canticle to guide the peoples to the encounter with the Light and above all to Me: Eternal Word. 

 When the last attempt has been made, Satan will come for the last time and find followers in the four corners of the earth, and they will be more numerous than the sand of the sea.

Oh! Christ! Oh! Jesus who has died to save men! Only the patience of a God could have waited so long, done so much, and obtained so little without withdrawing His gift from men and causing them to perish long before the appointed hour. Only My Patience, which is Love, could wait for you, knowing that, like sand filtering through a very subtle sieve, hardly any soul would reach glory with respect to the mass that does not know, that does not want to filter through the sieve of the Law, of Love, of Sacrifice, to reach Me.

But at the hour of the coming, when, as God, King and Judge, I come to gather the elect and curse the reprobate, casting them where the Antichrist, the Beast and Satan will already be forever, after the supreme victory of Jesus Christ, Son of God, Conqueror of Death and Evil, to these elect who have known how to remain "alive" in life, alive in the spirit waiting for our hour of triumph, I will give them the possession of the heavenly abode, I will give them Myself without pause and without measure.

Aspire to that hour, Mary. Call it and call Me with all the strength of your spirit. Behold, I am coming when a soul calls Me. Beside the Beloved who saw from Earth the glory of the Lamb, Son of God, the glory of his and of your Jesus, say, with every beat of your heart: "Come, Lord Jesus"".

In dictating to me, Jesus makes me understand that when he says Earth, he means the world taken not as a globe of dust and waters, but rather, as a union of persons. I do not know if I know how to explain it well. When he says Earth he means, I will say: moral entity, and when he says earth he means simply planet composed of lands, mountains, waters. Guilty the first, innocent the second.

For this reason it can be said without contradiction that the blood of the martyrs has become poison for the Earth that has drunk it (in its inhabitants) with sacrilegious anger and has spilled it (in its state powers) with blasphemous abuse of temporal power; while the earth globe, rotating in the space of the ether, has drunk with respect and received with love the blood of the martyrs and their agonizing convulsions, and presents them, one and the other, to the Eternal, asking, maternal and pious, that they have not been shed and suffered in vain and that justice be done for them.

91 In the dictation of August 20

94 As above, the writer notes: in the period of peace that precedes the judgment.

95 As above, the writer notes: The attempt at peace after the chastisements, of spiritual evangelization.

92 In a typewritten copy, the writer footnotes in pencil: After the defeat of the Antichrist and the destruction of Babylon. 

93 In the original Italian it reads "Gesú" (NdT).