The Assumption a precious foretaste of our resurrection

Mary's Assumption is a precious foretaste of our resurrection and is founded on the resurrection of Christ, who will reform our corruptible body, conforming it to his glorious body. This is why St. Paul also reminds us in the Second Reading of the Mass: if death came through one man (through Adam's sin), then through one man, Christ, the resurrection has come. Through him, all will come to life, but each one in his own time: first Christ as the first fruits; then, when he returns, all Christians; then the last ones, when Christ returns to God the Father his kingdom.... This coming of Christ, of which the Apostle speaks, "was it not perhaps to be fulfilled, in this one case (that of the Virgin) in an exceptional way, so to speak, 'immediately', that is, at the moment of the conclusion of earthly life? (...). Hence, that end of life which for all men is death, in the case of Mary, Tradition calls it rather dormancy.

"Assumpta est Maria in caelum, gaudent Angeli! Et gaudet Ecclesia! For us, today's solemnity is like a continuation of Easter, the Resurrection and the Ascension of the Lord. And it is, at the same time, the sign and the source of the hope of eternal life and of the future resurrection".

Today's Solemnity fills us with confidence in our petitions. "She ascended into Heaven our Advocate, so that, as Mother of the Judge and Mother of Mercy, she might deal with the affairs of our salvation." She continually encourages our hope. "We are still pilgrims, but Our Mother has preceded us and already points out to us the end of the path: she repeats to us that it is possible to arrive and that, if we are faithful, we will arrive. Because the Blessed Virgin is not only our example: she is the help of Christians. And at our request Monstra te esse Matrem (liturgical hymn Ave maris stella), she neither knows nor wants to refuse to take care of her children with maternal solicitude (...).

"Cor Mariae Dulcissimum, iter para tutum; Most Sweet Heart of Mary, give strength and security to our journey on earth: be yourself our way, for you know the path and the sure shortcut that lead, through your love, to the love of Jesus Christ".