Theological deviations in Desiderio Desideravi

Rehashed Protestantism: Francis' Eucharist Represents "Last Supper”

José Antonio Ureta, a member of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) published on (August 12) a 16-pages study on “theological deviations” in Desiderio Desideravi, Francis' attack against the Mass.

In DD, Francis refers the Eucharist to the Last Supper, rather than to Christ's sacrifice on Calvary. DD 4 even claims that the “same Supper will be made present in the celebration of the Eucharist until he returns again.” Ureta notices that this is warmed-over Protestantism.

Francis then alleges that "every man and woman" should eat the Eucharist suggesting a theological indifference which fits with his supporting the idea that "any and all" Christians [except Catholics] — believing or not, in a state of grace or not, having gone to confession or not — should pick up the Eucharist.

Moreover, Francis rejects the priest's role as the one who offers the sacrifice but reduces him to a “presider” while the attendees become vice-presidents.

Ureta concludes that the Church's liturgy and the liturgy of Francis are "two very different ritual forms" that do not correspond to the same Faith but are "incompatible" with each other and "correspond to two incompatible dogmatic stances.”