UNESCO launches global censorship campaign


Next phase of NOM, global censorship: Unesco launches a campaign to eliminate "conspiracy theories".

For example, it flatly denies that Covid came out of a laboratory, although it admits that its origin is unknown. Understand? It is all about silencing and discrediting those who disagree with the official version.

The official document of Unesco, one of the arms of the New World Order (NWO), begins thus:

"The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a worrying increase in disinformation and conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories can be dangerous: they often target and discriminate against vulnerable groups, ignore scientific evidence, and polarize society with serious consequences. This must stop.

Adds its CEO:

'Conspiracy theories cause real harm to people, to their health and also to their physical safety. They amplify and legitimize misconceptions about the pandemic and reinforce stereotypes that can exacerbate violence and violent extremist ideologies.

Do they understand? Unesco's first premise is that the official version is the true one and the others are even a threat to people's physical safety. Anyone who does not agree with what the official 'experts' say is a dangerous extremist.

The campaign, by the way, is carried out together with the European Commission, Twitter and the World Jewish Congress. The truth is that nothing is surprising.

According to their own page, Unesco, the World Jewish Congress and Facebook are joining forces against hate speech. They justify it as follows: "All kinds of statements denying, misrepresenting or even glorifying the Holocaust are proliferating on social networks. Spurred by neo-Nazi groups and other extremist forces, these contemporary manifestations of anti-Semitism are spreading rapidly on the Internet. To counter the rise of this alarming phenomenon, UNESCO is urging social media companies to change their policies to curb it immediately.

Such is the danger lurking in the world that Unesco has been forced to prepare different material for different scenarios that can disrupt the lives of citizens. Let's take a brief look:

With the spread of Covid - that is Unesco's message - conspiracy theories proliferated about its origin and effects. From those who claimed that it was created in a laboratory to those who questioned aspects of the vaccine or identified these same vaccines or masks as mechanisms of population control by the State.