Keep praying to stop this war, stop your abortions

Jesus said: “My son, you could see in the vision a large circular ring of Light around an altar in church.  This represents the coming Warning when I will need to call My believers to the safety of My refuges.  This Warning will be a life review and a mini-judgment when all sinners will have an opportunity to repent, and be saved from hell.  

Events are getting more serious as the war in the Ukraine could even expand to World War III.  

You saw in a second vision what looked like a tactical atomic weapon that exploded in the Ukraine with miles of debris high in the sky.  Putin has threatened to use nuclear weapons, but if they were used, this could have drastic repercussions.  The reaction by the military in this area could be devastating with many lives lost.  Pray that such a world war could be stopped, but be prepared for some big events even possibly before your mid-term elections.  

Keep praying your 24 Glory Be prayers to St. Therese to stop this war, stop your abortions, and pray that your pro-life candidates can win election.”