A secret to reach sanctity -Valtorta

June 22nd 

Jesus says:

"One of the secrets of attaining holiness is this: never to divert the mind from one thought that must govern the whole of life: God. The thought of God must be like the note on which the whole song of the soul is intoned.

Have you seen how artists do? They move, they go, they come, they don't seem to look down on the stage. But, in reality, they never lose sight of the music master who marks the time for them. Also the soul, in order not to make mistakes and not to be distracted - which would make it make mistakes - must keep the eye of the soul always fixed on God. To speak, to work, to walk, but the mental eye must not lose sight of God.

Second point to attain holiness: never lose faith in the Lord. Whatever happens, believe that it happens by the goodness of God. If it is something painful, even bad, and therefore willed by forces foreign to God, think that God permits it out of goodness.

The souls who know how to see God everywhere, know also how to change all things into eternal currency. Evil things are coins out of course. But if you know how to treat them as they should be treated, they become legal and acquire for you the eternal Kingdom.

It is up to you to make good that which is not good; to make of trials, temptations, misfortunes - which completely ruin souls that have already almost collapsed - props and foundations for building the temple that does not die. The temple of God in you in the present, the temple of beatitude in the future, in my Kingdom".

Valtorta Notebooks 1943