Accepting My cross is the best way to sanctify oneself

Children of God, things in life are not always joyful, even if you walk on paths of salvation. I, Jesus, must visit you with My cross, even though it hurts ME more than you, but you must believe that it is My immense love that gives you the grace of the cross, which for those of you who love Me serves as purification, a greater crown, and helps other souls through the Communion of Saints. I, Jesus, speak to you.

May your faith not waver when suffering becomes your brother. May your love for ME be maintained even if you do not understand the reason for the pain. May your closeness to My Mother be closer and your trust greater, because Heaven, children of God, does not want to harm you at all, it only wants to do good to your souls and that you grow in holiness and virtue. I, Jesus, speak to you.

Knowing as I did the mission I brought to Earth to redeem you, and knowing that no one could do it more than I, I also felt that rejection of suffering which is so characteristic of human nature. Therefore, children, when I visit you with My cross on My shoulders and I yield it to you, take it and accept it with love and availability, and tell Me again and again, here I am Lord to do your will, and not mine but Yours be done! I, Jesus, speak to you.

With these dispositions you will have a treasure in Heaven, because accepting what God commands you is the best and greatest means to climb towards God, because children, your limitations and mediocrity do not reach to elevate you towards Him, even if you have good dispositions, because you are small and limited and I, who know how you are, have to clothe you with the garment of pain so that you may have merits and increase your virtues. I, Jesus, speak to you.

Go also to your Guardian Angel who is with you when you carry the cross and it weighs so heavily on you, and trust that I do not forget you for a single instant, even when you are asleep and do not feel the pangs of pain, I watch over your sleep and you are under My gaze and that of My Holy Mother. I, Jesus, speak to you and instruct you. Peace to all who do not hinder the will of God and lovingly fulfill it.