Don’t underestimate Bergoglio. He is evil, but clever

Details emerge: Bergoglio’s rumored Next Attack on the Traditional Latin Mass

The false pope is determined to protect the world from the liturgical books of 1962…

On Jan. 14, 2023, the German indult blog Summorum Pontificum reported on a credible rumor about “Pope Francis” and his liturgical henchmen preparing another, more severe set of restrictions for the use of the Roman Missal of 1962, after the implementation of Traditionis Custodes has apparently been too lackluster and too slow for the man whose real name is Jorge Bergoglio:

Francis rumored to be preparing new Decree against Traditional Latin Mass

Today, Feb. 4, the same blog confirmed the original post and shared additional information leaked by an informant inside (or close to) the Vatican.

In a post entitled “More than just Rumors – News from the Swamp” (Mehr als nur Gerüchte – Neues aus dem Sumpf), editor Michael Charlier has revealed some explosive details about the decree that is expected to be released before Easter. According to the “Roman source”:

the decree will take the form of an “Apostolic Constitution” (highest possible rank of a papal document)

it will be generally forbidden to use the liturgical books of the traditional Roman rite for the sacraments or even any sacramentals

this prohibition affects explicitly also the “traditional communities” and concerns baptisms, marriages, confirmations, and also ordinations

all ordinations must therefore be performed in the new (Novus Ordo) rite — and this means also that the non-sacramental ordinations (minor orders and subdiaconate) are forbidden

priests of traditional communities are permitted to offer the Traditional Latin Mass only inside the “canonically erected” houses of those communities

expected date of publication is April 3, 2023 (Monday in Holy Week), which would coincide with the anniversary of the release of Paul VI’s constitution Missale Romanum (1969), which introduced the ‘New Mass’ (Novus Ordo Missae)

Thus far the source in Rome. Charlier says that the information he received “apparently goes beyond the status of mere rumor”.

Even if we surmise that some of this will be tweaked a bit still, and perhaps not all of it is perfectly accurate in every detail, nevertheless it is clear that such a decree would mean an absolute bloodbath, figuratively speaking.

If Francis goes through with this, of course he knows that all his die-hard traditionalists will simply switch over to the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), the Lefebvrists. We may expect, therefore, that he will have a very special surprise for them before long. He knows they need his permission to consecrate new bishops soon, if they don’t want to incur automatic excommunication again, and so he may just make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Don’t underestimate Bergoglio. He is evil, but clever.

He is a master chess player, and he won’t rest until his opponents are check-mate.