European Synod Complains against Francis

European Synod Complains: Francis Excludes Roman Rite Catholics

Representatives at the ongoing European Synod in Prague have highlighted the negative impact of Traditionis custodes.

Father Marco Pasinato from Scandinavia expressed his concern about the gap “between tradition and modernity,” which is becoming wider and more aggressive.

He finds this particularly painful in the area of the liturgy. Francis' fight against the Roman Rite "has led to tensions in the Nordic countries."

Westminster Auxiliary Bishop Nicholas Hudson highlighted “the tension" between "young people" who follow the Roman Rite and those who "prefer more contemporary celebrations.” He acknowledged “sadness and anger” and a “sense of grievance and marginalisation” of many around the liturgy.

The Irish delegation echoed the same concern in their speaking note saying that there was a call for greater inclusion of immigrants, refugees etc., while Roman Rite Catholics "spoke of their sense of exclusion.”

The article's picture shows the concelebration in the conference room at the European Synod, as if there were no churches in Prague.