Our Lady Defeats the Freemasons at Her Lourdes Shrine

How the Masons cannot prevail before the Virgin of Lourdes and Her son.

The Masons operate systematically against the Marian apparitions, but with Lourdes there is a special bitterness.

Because they do not admit that there are supernatural healings, even when the doctors have given up on the patient and the patient turns to God in a last attempt.

In Lourdes more than 7000 inexplicable healings certified by doctors have been verified, and that so that there is not the slightest shadow of doubt, the Church summarizes them to something more than 70.

And yet the French Masons are bitter enemies of Lourdes.

But Our Lady answers them in a forceful way by piercing the lodges. 

Here we will speak about the miracles that have happened in Lourdes, directed towards the Masonic lodges, so that you can see the power of God.

On February 11, 1858 Bernadette Soubirous was gathering firewood and dry branches to warm herself in the winter, together with her sister and a friend, she was an extremely poor little girl.

She raised her head and saw a Lady wearing a white dress and veil, a blue belt and a yellow rose on each foot.

She made the sign of the Cross and prayed the rosary with her.

Three days later Bernadette poured holy water on her to rule out any possibility that she was a demon, as she had been told, the lady smiled and disappeared.

Eighteen apparitions followed and more and more people came to accompany Bernadette.

On February 24, Our Lady asked Bernadette to pray to God for sinners and to kiss the earth in penance for them.

On February 25 Our Lady told her to dig in a muddy area, Bernadette made 4 attempts and finally managed to drink water.

And there appears the source of miraculous water that supplies the Sanctuary of Lourdes.

After this apparition, the judge threatened to put her in jail, in an attempt by Freemasonry to put an end to these divine manifestations.

On March 1st for the first time a priest is seen among the people who accompanied Bernadette and the first miracle happens, Catherine Latapie had a dislocated arm, she dips it in the water of the spring and she recovers instantly.

And 3 days later Louis Bouriette who had lost his sight 20 years before because of an explosion, came to the Grotto doubting and lacking faith but he rubbed some of the turbid water of the spring in his eyes and instantly recovered his sight.

Our Lady then asked her to tell the priests to build a chapel there and to go in procession.

Bernadette tells parish priest Peyramale but he asks for proof and the name of the apparition.

And on March 25, Our Lady tells Bernadette "I am the Immaculate Conception".

Only four years had passed since Pius IX had defined the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, which astonished the parish priest.

Bernadette had no idea what those words meant, but the pastor was moved by the proof.

In 1862, 4 years after the apparitions, the bishop approved the supernatural character of the apparitions, an impressive speed.

Since that time Lourdes has become a place of healings, but Freemasonry has questioned both the apparitions and the healings, calling them "the fruit of overactive minds".

And it has become the greatest enemy. 

However, during the pilgrimage of August 15, 1877 alone, no less than 24 healings took place. 

Today the sanctuary of Lourdes is the great showcase of supernatural healings that the Catholic Church displays to the world.

There 7000 cases of unexplained cures have been documented there, but only 1% of the cases have been declared miraculous, because the requirements for deciding whether a healing is miraculous are too high for there to be any objections from enemies.

Even their Office of Medical Verifications is run by doctors, many of them atheists. 


And as nothing is impossible for God, in this place of miracles of healings, there are also many conversions of his most bitter detractors, the Masons.

And some of them with a clear supernatural tinge.

One of them was that of Maurice Caillet, doctor, Freemason, Venerable Master of one of the oldest and most important houses of the Grand Orient of France.

Caillet was also involved in occultism, white magic and divination.

He was also distinguished for being one of the French pioneers of family planning in the 1970s, and in favor of contraceptives and the legalization of abortion.

He was a member of the Socialist party and a friend of President Mitterrand.

And in 1984 when he accompanied his sick wife to Lourdes, it was then that his life took a radical turn.

He went to Lourdes without faith and without conviction, as a mere companion.

He left his very sick wife in the swimming pool and accidentally entered a crypt of the grotto to shelter from the rain. 

They were at mass, which he followed with an interest he had never experienced before.

At one point, the priest stood up and solemnly read, "Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you, the word of our Lord Jesus Christ." 

And he was astonished.

He had come to ask, to seek, and to knock, unaware of the seriousness of what he was doing. 

When suddenly he, who had mocked the interior voices of Joan of Arc, heard clearly in his head a sweet voice calling him.

And he says, "it was not the voice of my conscience, but it was an outside voice."

The voice called him by name and said to him,

"It is good that you ask me to heal your wife. But what do you have to offer me?" 

And what he came up with was to offer himself.

That was all he had to offer. 

And no small thing for an atheist, who for 40 years had hated the Church and priests, as Caillet said in one of his books.

He only regained consciousness when the priest raised the host, and for the first time in his life, he recognized Jesus under the appearance of a humble piece of bread. 

It was the Light he had sought in vain throughout multiple initiations.

He immediately spoke to the priest and asked him for baptism, so that it was something instantaneous, like a crush, just as it happened to Alphonsus of Ratisbone.

That was when he decided to leave Freemasonry, and the lodge took his conversion to Catholicism very badly.

They showed an intolerance that most do not imagine, nor do they agree with his postulates.

But he had already anticipated this, because the Pope is the number one enemy of the Masons.

He moved to Spain for security reasons in the face of defection to Freemasonry and today he is a member of the Vita Alliance that advocates the protection of unborn life.

And 28 years later something similar happened to the French architect Serge Abad-Gallardo. 

For 25 years he was a member of Freemasonry until he reached the 12th degree.

He had already begun his conversion encouraged by a rosary from Lourdes that he heard on the radio. 

A religious with whom he had already shared his concerns had encouraged him to this devotion, so he decided to go with his family to the Shrine in 2012. 

They had not noticed, but it was February 11, so he met a massive torchlight procession at Lourdes. 

The next day he decided to go to the grotto of Massabielle to pray the rosary among the mass of faithful. 

His wife and daughter preferred to walk around the city and at the end of the prayer he was going to join them at the hotel. 

But he could not take a step out of the Grotto, his legs collapsed and he fell heavily to the ground. 

He was pinned to the ground, as if his legs had been suddenly cut off.

As he found out the next day, there were no injuries other than a few isolated bruises from the fall. 

But in the grotto he had to get up and he could not do it alone.

His legs had become as if dead, paralyzed.

He had the impression of being a puppet whose legs had suddenly been cut off by the puppeteer.

Serge played sports and had no hysterical tendencies whatsoever.

He never managed to find a natural explanation for what happened to him.

But he later learned that it could be due to what is called "rest in the Holy Spirit".

A well-known phenomenon, especially within the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, when the priest lays hands on some people and they fall into this rest by the work of the Holy Spirit.

In this case Serge Abad-Gallardo took it as the definitive proof that God was asking him for a change. 

And soon after, he went to a retreat in an abbey and there he formally began his conversion.

He formally left Freemasonry in 2013, after having resumed his path towards the Catholic Church, because he would later relate that it was a dead end, incompatible with the path of the Catholic faith.

From then on, he lost his job and all employment doors were closed to him.

But he went ahead and thanks to his books we now know a good part of what happens in the highest degrees of Freemasonry.

From him we know that during the meetings there is something that transcends the assembly and dictates to everyone what they have to establish.

In the end, the younger members end up discovering that this something is Lucifer, if they did not already sense it from the beginning because the Masonic hymns show Lucifer as the bearer of light.