I thirst, my children! I thirst for you!

Carbonia 23.02.2023

I thirst, my children, I thirst! I thirst for you!

Here I am for you, beloved people,

live my WORD!

With burning love I await your embrace of Me.

Despise not My commandments, O man,

keep the Laws of your God;

return to Him, that you may be saved,

do not go arm in arm with Satan, 

he is ready to sacrifice you to his cursed plan.

Verily I say unto you, Awake, O men, awake!

Know that the time that is coming is the time of the great tribulation! Convert now, in this very short time that still remains to you, for then there will only be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

I want to save you My children; with all My Love I come to implore your conversion, ...I call you to Me, but, I see that you do not want to listen.

Oh, My children!

Would that you knew how much you would gain by choosing to return to your God-Love!

I long to have you "Mine" forever, to make you rejoice eternally in the beauty of My All.

I am Infinite Love, your Creator God, do not put obstacles in your way My children, repent and run to where I await you to give you the Magnificence that is in Me.

You will have all that I possess, no more pain, for I am the God of immense Joy. Behold, I will take you by the hand and accompany you to My heavenly abodes; you will visit the Universe and you will be wise in the Things of God.

At My Second Coming I will gather My people to Me:...I tremble in anticipation of that day so that I may embrace you to Me! I thirst, My children, I thirst! I thirst for you!

Soon, My beloved ones... Soon!

Your life on this Earth will be abandoned to enter My Home where everything is ready to be enjoyed by you. ...

I have prepared a new world for you; I desire to satisfy your hearts in the love and wonders of My All.

I am the God of Infinite Love, I am your King, the Guardian of Israel.

My blessed children, love Me as I ask of you! I am about to be among you, be ready to enter with Me into the ways of the Heavenly Universe.

I await you with open arms, do not delay My Return. Amen.