Müller: Bishop Bätzing Missed His Vocation

German "alternative Catholicism" used the recent European Synod in Prague to show off its alleged moral and spiritual superiority over the Catholicism of the East, writes Cardinal Müller on Kath.net (13 February).

He criticises the presiding German Bishop Bätzing who feels "disturbed" by those who call for clarity.

The homosex and gender ideologies, which contradict every scientific, philosophical and theological anthropology, have replaced the Catholic faith in the “other Catholicism" of the "German Synodal Sect".

According to Müller, homosexuals do not need "hypocritical gestures of inclusion" from prelates who "no longer" see themselves as servants of the Word of God, but as representatives of a transhumanist lobby.

Müller's core statement: A bishop [= Bätzing] who “against the nature of his office” denies the self-destructive power of sin in order to thereby make the Church vulnerable to attack and portray it as "changeable" has misunderstood the mystery of salvation from sin - not to sin - and missed his vocation as successor of the apostles.

The German Synodal Way and Bätzing are heretically opposed to the Catholic faith, writes Müller.