Paprocki circumvents Francis' rescript

US Bishop Shows How to Circumvent Francis' Rescript

Diocesan bishops are "much more in tune" with what’s going on in their diocese than a Vatican office, noted Springfield Bishop Thomas Paprocki, Illinois, about Francis' rescript "forbidding" to celebrate Mass in parish churches (, February 24).

He has offered Mass in both Roman Rite churches in his diocese and found “very faithful Catholics” there.

Traditionis custodes says, Paprocki observes, it wants to empower the bishops. He therefore questions the wisdom of the rescript under the principle of subsidiarity, since decisions such as those contained in it are usually made at a local level.

However, Paprocki has pre-empted the rescript by designating Sacred Heart Church in Springfield where Mass is celebrated as a non-parochial church.

The second site is in Quincy, a parish church, but a priest of the Fraternity of St Peter, who is [allegedly] not affected by the rescript, offers Mass there.