The world enters into its total convulsion

Carbonia 11.02.2023

My intervention will put an end 

to this world of miserable men!

I Am He Who Am!

Oh! who have turned your backs on Me, who have massacred your own brothers, you will soon understand My saying, you will not escape My wrath, for you a time of great tribulation begins, you will lose splendor and power.

As God and Father I come to you, oh ungrateful people, I come to rebuke you: turn from sin, ... Your turning away from Me leads you to death! Convert quickly; save yourselves, oh man, save yourselves!

Repent if you want to save yourselves, there is no more time to waste in the things of the world, My wrath is already upon you, oh arrogant ones, oh you, who put your Savior on the Cross.

My People weep, they suffer for the wickedness of man who kills his own blood, he makes booty of it for Satan's banquets! Oh, my children, convert!

My Intervention will put an end to this world of miserable men! Repugnant in my eyes! 

Foolish men, imbued with the poison of the Ancient Serpent, truly I say to you: ... You will die! You will go with Satan to hell!

These are decisive hours for the Earth and for Humanity. Satan's fascination invades mankind, allowing himself to be used by his baleful desire to tear you away from Me.

Incline your hearts to Me, oh men, ... call Me Father! Call Me Father, beg for My mercy!

The hour of your choice has come, in My great Mercy I grant you a last moment to prefer Me, or follow Lucifer to Hell!

This is the most difficult moment to go through, ... the world enters into its total convulsion.