They are Secretly Planning a War

Today during Holy Mass, during the Offertory, our Lord said, “I want you to offer Me, Russia and Ukraine. It is for a very good reason that I ask you to do this for Me. I don’t want to put fear into you, My children, but between Russia, China and Ukraine, and other nations are also involved in this, they are secretly planning to start a war, and it is on the brink to start. They are planning this war secretly from all directions.”

“The other nations are not supporting this war, but they are aware of it, that it will start sooner or later, and they are preparing to defend themselves, but they are not telling the people the truth because people would panic.”

Our Lord said, “I try to warn you, My children, of the danger that is upon you. The only solution is that you have to pray. Prayer is the only solution. If enough people pray, this war may be stopped or mitigated, at least for the time being.”

We better listen to our Lord’s warning and pray that our Lord will place His Holy Hand over this world and protect us.