An aurora borealis is coming with Mary Most Holy

Carbonia 17.03.2023

Prepare yourselves, O men, for the transfiguration.

Beloved daughter, write, write to my people:

Believe firmly in Him who is!

Beloved children, you are about to begin another life, your history on earth is coming to an end; another world awaits you in the infinite beauty of my love.

Keep me in your hearts, ... celebrate me in them, without ceasing, ... Your trial ends here with the end of Satan!

Men of Galilee, come joyfully to meet your God-Love, your God-King!

Love me, O men, with all your heart.

Centuries have passed, but your God will never pass away.

His Word is One and One shall remain.

Come out into the light, My Children, seek yourselves; organise meetings of Prayer.

As Children of the Most High God, unite!

Do not fear the adversary.

Stand firm in My Doctrine.

Never turn back.

Continue towards Me.

An aurora borealis is coming with Mary Most Holy.

She will enter your homes, so that all may have the opportunity to believe in the Living God.

I will be with her and I will bless every child who opens his heart to Me.

Prepare yourselves, oh men, for the transfiguration, let her have you all "Mine".

The storm will suddenly burst, this Humanity will enter into despair if it does not return to its Creator God.

Come to Me, My children, do not be foolish, place yourselves safely in My arms.

I love you, I long for you, I await your conversion. ... Go forward without fear!

Strengthen yourselves in Me, My children, so that evil can do nothing against you.