Behold, the foretold times have arrived!

Carbonia 27.02.2023

          Kneel down and implore my Mercy!

Pray the Holy Rosary.

Beloved daughter, my Divine Intervention is drawing near.

Now a storm will be unleashed; do not remain far from Me.

I command you:

Get on your knees and beg for My Mercy!

Pray the Holy Rosary.

Put yourselves in a state of grace.

Adore Me.

Leave the world and turn to Me; only I can save you, oh men!

Abandon what is superfluous for your salvation, grasp within yourselves the weapon of constant prayer.

Behold, the foretold times have arrived!

This Humanity will suffer for not having listened to My Paternal Calls, and for not having returned to Me asking for My Forgiveness.

It is no longer the time to pursue the things of the world: convert, oh men, convert!

America is about to go through its Calvary.

The earth will tremble with greater force.

The sky will darken, hail will strike the Earth.

Fire and disaster!

Asteroids approaching the Earth!

Pray, my children,


do penance,

call me to your aid:

I am your Father, your only Good: I am your God-Love, the Creator!

I love you, my children, and I wait to hear your cry for help to intervene.

Do not be proud and do not be men, alone you cannot do it, only I AM!

It is the voice of your God who still calls you to salvation; His Father's love beseeches you to repent, now! Now, oh men, now!!!!!

Believe in Me, My children, turn to Me before the hurricane breaks out, for then it will be difficult for you to save yourselves.

My Angel blows the horn (the shofar) to call men to the gathering.

Let conversion take place in your hearts, oh men, so that I may place you in a safe place.

My Havens are ready to welcome My Sons: only there will they find shelter and comfort; only in My Havens will they be protected by My Angels.

Be vigilant, My Children, the time of the great tribulation has come; do not fall into the error of falling into it.

Untie yourselves from the bonds of death and run to Me, give Me the opportunity to save you.

Heaven opens for the descent of the Son of Man!

You will see Him who can do all things, renew the Earth. Amen.