Even Trendy Priests Hate Francis

Francis is not loved by any faction, reports the Argentinean Caminante-Wanderer.Blogspot.com (February 27) whose author spoke in recent weeks in Rome with priests of various stripes.

Even the most trendy priests, "who are generally the oldest," dislike Bergoglio as much as their younger, more Catholic colleagues because of his aggressiveness towards them.

Francis repeatedly refers to priests in negative terms: “careerists," "greedy," "grumpy," "proselytisers," "criminals" who "watch pornography" and "have psychiatric problems," etc. "Never a word of encouragement, never closeness.”

Caminante explains that Francis projects onto the priests the qualities that he knows he has and hates.

Further, Caminate knows that the Roman Curia lives in “terror.” No one knows how long he will be in office and who is spying on whom. In Buenos Aires, Bergoglio had spies in all the dioceses and religious congregations.

Francis is hated for appointing a swarm of bishops "chosen from among the least educated and qualified priests.” Caminante names Bishop Robert Prevost, the new Prefect of Bishops whom he calls “a nobody”, “insignificant,” “another of the pile,” “a limited and short-sighted man.”

American priests told Caminante of the enormous unease caused in California by the appointment of the San Diego homosexualists McElroy as a Cardinal.