Francis Attacks Viganò

In his March 10 interview, Francis lamented about a "resistance" of "the bad kind.”

For him, there is “good resistance” where "a good project it is seen and discussed.” Francis has shown that for him all "resistance" is "bad resistance" which he confusedly defines as “that which is discussed here and goes backward looking for betrayal” - while he betrays Holy Scripture and goes backward to the 1960s.

Francis is so angry at Archbishop Viganó that he openly names him - a new low in the history of the papacy - calling Viganò “a very well-known American bishop, who was nuncio.” Viganò is an Italian who was nuncio to the US.

Francis said of him, “It is not known whether this man is Catholic or not; he is on the border.”. This is the same Francis who does not believe in a "Catholic God."

The judgement against Viganò ("Who am I to judge") came on the day when the German bishops mocked God by voting for a homosex "blessing" while Francis remained silent.