Frequently encourage the hope of Heaven

Saint Bede, commenting on the passage from the Gospel of the Mass, says that the Lord, «in a pious permission, allowed them (Peter, James and John) to enjoy for a very short time the contemplation of happiness that lasts forever, to make them bear adversity with greater strength»8. The memory of those moments together with the Lord on the mountain was undoubtedly a great help in so many difficult situations in the lives of these three Apostles.

The existence of men is a walk towards Heaven, our home9. Walking rough and difficult at times, because often we have to go against the current and we will have to fight many enemies from within ourselves and from outside. But the Lord wants to comfort us with the hope of Heaven, especially in the hardest moments or when the weakness of our condition becomes more evident: «At the time of temptation, think of the Love that awaits you in heaven: encourage the virtue of hope, which is not a lack of generosity». There “everything is rest, joy and rejoicing; all serenity and calm, all peace, radiance and light. And not light like this that we enjoy now and that, compared to that, is no more than a lamp next to the sun... Because there is no night, no afternoon, no cold, no heat, no change in the way of being, but a state such that only those who are worthy of enjoying it understand. There is no old age, nor ailments, nor anything that resembles corruption, because it is the place and chamber of immortal glory...

»And above all this, the treatment and everlasting enjoyment of Christ, of the angels..., all perpetually in a common feeling, without fear of Satan or the wiles of the devil or the threats of hell or death "eleven.

Our life in Heaven will definitely be exempt from all possible fear. We will not suffer the concern of losing what we have, nor will we wish to have something different. Then we can truly say with Saint Peter: Lord, how good we are here! We will have the glimpse of glory that the Apostle had in eternal life. «We are going to think about what Heaven will be. No eye has seen, no ear has heard, nor has it occurred to man what things God has prepared for those who love him. Can you imagine what it will be like to get there, and meet with God, and see that beauty, that love that pours into our hearts, that quenches without quenching? I ask myself many times a day: what will it be like when all the beauty, all the goodness, all the infinite wonder of God pours into this poor muddy glass that is me, that is all of us? And then I explained to myself that of the Apostle: neither eye has seen nor ear heard... It is worth it, my children, it is worth it».

The thought of the glory that awaits us should spur us on in our daily struggle. Nothing is worth as much as winning Heaven. "And with always going with this determination to die rather than fail to reach the end of the road, if the Lord takes you with any thirst in this life, He will give you drink abundantly in the next and without fear that you will be deprived of it." missing»