I am coming back to free you!

Carbonia 04-03-2023 

Pray to the Saints of Heaven. Pray to the Angels and Archangels.

Peace be with you, My children, peace be with you!

Here I am, here I am among you and I embrace you all to Me.

I am here with the Blessed Virgin, St. Joseph, St. Michael the Archangel, Padre Pio.

Today I am here with Me, all the Saints, all those who have lived a life inherent in the Holy Gospel. I bring them back to Earth to embrace you and support you in this difficult battle against Satan.

Pray to the Saints in Heaven.

Pray to the Angels and Archangels, pray to them to be by your side 

be at your side as the guardian angel, watching over you.

My beloved children, my beloved friends, here I am: I am your Elder Brother, I am your Jesus of Nazareth ..... here I am!

Beloved children, it is with anxious love that I await the moment to intervene to put an end to Evil. My Army is ready, it is deployed behind me, at my "come on" the attack will take place.

Oh My Children!!! My Children!!!! I ardently desire to hold you in my arms and take you to the new world of Love where you will be able to enjoy the beauties I have created for you, to give you life in the eternal happiness of Love.

I am Jesus, my children, I am Jesus, I am your Jesus, I am the One who gave His own life for your salvation. Here I am! Today I am coming back to free you!

Here I am, my children: I am happy to be among you, on this Hill! Fear nothing, go forward!

Be proud to have been chosen for this final mission.

I watch over you day and night. I am the Guardian of Israel, I watch over my People, I watch over my Sons.

I am ready, beloved, I am ready! Stand by my side, never abandon this choice; go forward with courage; when you falter, ask me for help, and I will be at your side.

Beg for God's Mercy!

Pray my children! Pray that this Humanity may soon repent.

O Mighty Ones of the Earth! You! You who have defied Me, you shall be well served! I am the All-Powerful One, I am the Eternal Light, I am the Creator. Repent now! 

I await your conversion; I cannot wait any longer, the time has come! I must intervene.

God also has His plan, a perfect plan! While yours is imperfect, ... it is fallen!

I bless My children, all those who follow Me in love and faithfulness.

I take you all by the hand, My beloved, and I imprint on your foreheads the sign of the cross, that cross which will light up when the enemies try to come upon you, but when they see it they will fall back, they will fall like empty sacks!

All is ready! 

God is with you: fear nothing; I have won my battle! I have conquered death!

You must win this last challenge against Satan by remaining at My side. Amen.