Jesus explains Mary's protection -M Valtorta

Jesus says:

"Now and at the hour of death". It is the invocation that answers to "Deliver us from evil".

You do not think so, but it is so. I have given you a Mother as well as a Father, and if I asked the Father to deliver you from evil, will you not ask the Mother to keep you from death, which is evil?

Think with an elevated mind in God and ask with the intelligence of the children of God. You need not worry so much about evil and death in the human sense of the word, as about Evil and Death in the supernatural sense, the truest, because your present appearance ceases, and your present abode is left, but beyond this day a future awaits you in which you will become possessors of that which is your true part.

And woe unto you if by your perverse will you choose the accursed part. The death of the spirit is not put only once in the presence of your soul. It revolves around you throughout your earthly journey, for the giver of Death does not cease even for a minute to lay siege to his prey. You do not always find yourselves with that vigilance and that fortitude which renders useless the cunning of the Enemy. Your weakness leads you to clumsiness, your carnal appetites to desires for food in which you find death.

But you have a Mother in heaven, a Mother who sees upon you the Blood of her Son and who loves you as true children because of that Blood. A Mother who is powerful before God because of her triple condition of Daughter, Spouse and Mother of God.

"Now": may Mary pray for your present as men, beset by so many dangers. "And at the hour of death": may she pray for you at the decisive moment of life. "And at the hour of death": that is, when your spirit may perish, assaulted by Evil.

Mary is the Conqueror of Satan. The true Death, that of the spirit, will not come for those who know how to pray to the Mother for the hour of life, for the hour of earth, for the hour of temptation and for the hour of Death.

Mary's prayer becomes a shield against the ardor of sense and the devil, like children under the veil of the mother, it makes you grow in Christ and enter his Kingdom. And if Christ can raise the dead to Grace, Mary, truly beloved, prevents Death from separating you from her Son".

Valtorta Notebooks 1943