Little things


Do everything for Love. Thus there will be no little things: everything will be big. Perseverance in little things for Love is heroism.


A little act, done for Love, is worth so much!


Do you really want to be a saint? Carry out the little duty of each moment: do what you ought and concentrate on what you are doing.


You have mistaken the way if you despise the little things.


'Great' holiness consists in carrying out the 'little duties' of each moment.


Great souls pay much attention to little things.


Because you have been In pauca fidelis, faithful in small things, come and join in your master's happiness. The words are Christ's. In pauca fidelis!... Now will you neglect little things, if heaven itself is promised to those who mind them?


Don't judge by the smallness of the beginnings. My attention was once drawn to the fact that there is no difference in size between seeds that give annual plants and those that will grow into ageless trees.


Don't forget that, on earth, every big thing has had a small beginning. What is born big is monstrous and dies.


You tell me: when the chance comes to do something big, then!... Then? Are you seriously trying to convince me — and to convince yourself — that you will be able to win in the supernatural Olympics without daily preparation, without training?


Have you seen how that imposing building was built? One brick upon another. Thousands. But, one by one. And bags of cement, one by one. And blocks of stone, each of them insignificant compared with the massive whole. And beams of steel. And men working, the same hours, day after day...

Have you seen how that imposing building was built?... By dint of little things!


Have you noticed how human love consists of little things? Well, divine Love also consists of little things.


Persevere in the exact fulfilment of the obligations of the moment. That work — humble, monotonous, small — is prayer expressed in action that prepares you to receive the grace of the other work — great and wide and deep — of which you dream.


Everything in which we poor men have a part — even holiness — is a fabric of small trifles which, depending upon one's intention, can form a magnificent tapestry of heroism or of degradation, of virtues or of sins.

The epic legends always relate extraordinary adventures, but never fail to mix them with homely details about the hero. — May you always attach great importance to the little things. This is the way!


Have you ever stopped to consider the enormous sum that many 'littles' can come to?


It has been a hard experience: don't forget the lesson. Your big cowardices of the moment correspond — clearly — to your little cowardices of each day.

You 'have not been able' to conquer in big things, because you 'did not want' to conquer in little ones.


Didn't you see the light in Jesus' eyes as the poor widow left her little alms in the temple? Give him what you can: the merit is not in whether it is big or small, but in the intention with which you give it.


Don't be a fool! It's true that at most you play the part of a little bolt in that great undertaking of Christ's.

But do you know what happens when a bolt is not tight enough or when it works itself out of place? Bigger parts also work loose or the gear-wheels get damaged and broken.

The work is slowed up. Perhaps the whole machine will be rendered useless.

What a big thing it is to be a little bolt!