Naumann rebukes the heretic McElroy

Homosexualism: Archbishop Rebukes Cardinal

Kansas Archbishop Joseph Naumann told (March 2) that he doesn’t like correcting San Diego homosexualist McElory or any other bishop, “but I think the stakes are too high to be silent on this.”

McElroy believes that the infallible Catholic teaching on sexuality is "wrong" and “not an acceptable answer." God’s teaching and laws are “for our protection,” Naumann replies.

For him, “there are many, many victims of the sexual revolution” [many of them in hell]. He pointed to the harmfulness of sexual sins, especially homosexuality.

“We have to be clear on the [homosexual] acts and that they are harmful, they are destructive, and again, I think, we see that in our society today, the hook-up culture has not served us well.”

Naumann explains that during the AIDS epidemic, "we failed those who have same-sex attraction by not being clear on the public health danger that they were inflicting on themselves, and many died because we weren’t clear in that teaching.”