Prophetic dream of Fr Oliveira

March 2 at 20:02 - (March 2 at 20:02) 

In the early morning of February 23, Father Oliveira had another very symbolic dream. This time, when he awoke, he did not have the intuition to check the time, but he felt that he had received a revelation.

In the dream, the priest was in the countryside, in a place that seemed to be a farm. It was nighttime. He saw, at the foot of a large fig tree, an old man with a large beard, well dressed, in period costume and beret. An old period lantern, hanging from the tree, illuminated him. Next to him, a beautiful wooden log could be seen. The man was digging a hole with a shovel and, at the same time, crying.

The priest approached and asked

- What are you doing?

Dragging the trunk towards the hole, the old man, with a docile look and a hoarse voice, replied

- Burying the greatest treasure that ever existed.... 

- But why? - asked the priest.

- Because my boss told me to.

Father Oliveira felt very sad about the man's situation. Then he asked:

- What are you going to do now?

- I will continue to serve my boss - answered the man. - Because, although buried, the treasure still exists.

After that sentence, the priest woke up.

That same morning, he saw the news that the Pope had issued a document restricting the celebration of the Tridentine Mass. He understood that the dream was related to this, but possibly it did not refer only to the rite, but also to other elements linked to the Holy Tradition. This was personified by the old man, who, despite being sad, did not show any hatred towards his boss, on the contrary: he seemed calm. However, the priest did not understand whether the dream was spiritually describing what had already happened or whether it was prophesying something that is yet to happen.

I understand that, if the revelation emphasized as positive the fact of keeping the existing treasure, although hidden, it is because the Enemy had the plan to destroy it, but was unable to carry it out. And the emphasis that this is not the end of the treasure seems to indicate that it will one day be unearthed.

Let us pray for the Tradition of the Church, which has suffered so much in these dark times. May its treasure not remain hidden for so long and may all soon be able to see, in the light of day, the riches that are preserved in it.