Prophetic vision of Fr Oliveira

Father Oliveira's new and terrifying prophecy: Mothers crying in a macabre place.

Father Oliveira's prophecies come to us through Lucas Gelasio, who shared the following message on his facebook:

The cry of the mothers

On February 2, Father Oliveira woke up, after a terrible nightmare, at 04:04 in the morning. This is what he dreamed:

In a large, dark place, like an abandoned hangar, the priest was on a kind of stage. Before him was a crowd of women. All of them, dressed in the most varied ways, rich and poor, were carrying babies in their arms. And all, without exception, were crying compulsively.

He thought: "This is the Lord showing me the many abortions in the world". Then a voice, which he did not know where it came from, said to him:

- This is not about abortions, even though this problem is very serious. The children here are in the lap.

One of the women, who was closer, looked at the priest with tears in her eyes. He asked her:

- Why are you crying?

She then, without saying anything, just opened the little blanket that wrapped her child and showed him to him. The child was deformed. His feet and arms were twisted and the shape of his body was strange.

Other women also began to show their children. All of them revealed some similar problem in their babies.

Seeing that one of them was with the seemingly perfect child, the priest commented:

"This one looks fine, why are you crying?".

Then she said something that made him feel immense anguish:

"There's something wrong with him inside...".

Suddenly, the priest saw the image of the Virgin Mary floating above all the mothers. She was holding the Child Jesus in her arms and they were both crying. Their tears fell like bright rain on these mothers. Then the dream ended.


I do not intend to attempt to interpret this revelation. However, if you see something similar happening, remember the most important part: Our Lady of Tears and the Child Jesus will be with all these anguished mothers.

Our Lord promised, in the Sermon on the Mount, that those who weep will be blessed, for they will be comforted. All mothers who, groaning and weeping, have recourse to God and His Mother of Mercy, will be united with Them and will be consoled by His Holy Tears.

Let us pray and fast so that we may know how to live through the trial and that it may be mitigated by our penances.


Lucas Gelasio