The Lord always attends to us

If at any time we were not granted something that we asked for with confidence, it is because it was not convenient for us: "He looks well for you who does not give you, when you ask him for what is not convenient for you". He knows what is good for us! This prayer that we prayed so insistently, perhaps, would have been effective for other goods, or for another more necessary occasion. Our Father God directed it well: "He always gives more than what we ask of Him". Always.

So that our petition may be answered more promptly, we can request the prayers of other people close to God, as the Centurion of Capernaum did: he sent some elders of the Jews to beg him to come and cure his servant. These friends did their duty well: they went to Jesus, and begged with great insistence that he would condescend: "He is a man," they said, "who deserves that you should do him this favor...". The Lord answered their prayers.

When asking for prayers, it may be useful to remember that "after the prayer of the Priest and the consecrated virgins, the prayer most pleasing to God is that of the children and the sick".

We will also ask our Guardian Angel to intercede for us and present our petition to the Lord, because "the particular angel of each one, even of the most insignificant within the Church, because he is always contemplating the face of God who is in heaven, seeing the divinity of our Creator, unites his prayer to ours and collaborates as much as possible in favor of what we ask for "

We also have a way, which the Church has always taught us, so that our petitions may arrive promptly before the presence of God. This way is the mediation of Mary, Mother of God and our Mother. We turn to her now and always: "Remember, O most merciful Virgin Mary, that it has never been said that any of those who have come to your protection, implored your assistance and asked for your help, have been abandoned by you. Encouraged by this confidence, I also come to you... "