The oceans are preparing to invade the lands

Carbonia 03.03.2023

God the Almighty Father keeps calling His people back to Him.

I warn you My children: you are in danger!

Darkness is already ravaging the Earth! This Humanity is deaf to My Calls!

Truly I tell you, My people

The storm is upon you,

War is already upon you;

the whole Earth will be devastated by the madness of man in Satan.

My children, it is with great pain that I still intervene to bring you back on the right path, not waste any more time, run to Me, My children, place yourselves safely in Me.

The situation on earth pains Me, this world has deprived itself of life, it has given itself over completely to death.

Beloved children,

the oceans are preparing to invade the lands;

many will be submerged, others will rise,

you will face a new reality.

The noise of volcanoes becomes urgent!

Beloved Sons

it is with a Father's love that I come to urge your conversion.

Do not be indifferent to my appeals, show your gratitude because God wants to save His children.

Come, come to Me, beloved of your Father, come into My arms: I will cradle you and make you rejoice in Me, I am your Father, your Creator and I am Infinite Love.

Heed these calls of Mine, oh men, for they are indeed the last warnings.

Soon you will find yourselves in the midst of darkness, and if you do not turn to Me, you will find yourselves bewildered, powerless to fight the power of evil.

God warns His people: let no one turn a deaf ear!!!!!

Mercy, mercy, mercy upon you, O men! O you who show pride and defy the Most High God! Mercy! As Father, I suffer for your indifference, for your rejection of Me. My creatures, little flowers of My Heart, have pity on My sorrow, but above all have pity on yourselves, because the winter will be very cold for you, for you, my children.

winter will be very cold for your souls;

you will be lost in darkness

and death will devastate you.

Repent, oh men, repent!!!!

I love you. I bless you. 

God the Father, Almighty Yahweh