The Time of the Great Purification has come

Carbonia, 13.03.2023

The hour of the great purification has come!

I wish to caress my beloved Sons: I wish to hold them in my bosom and cradle them in me forever.

My children, I am your Father, the Almighty God!

There is no other God but Me.

Celebrate me in your hearts, oh men, love me as I love you, make me sound your "fiat"!

Sing love to Me, and I will answer you with My infinite Good.

Show Me, My children, your desire to find yourselves in My arms, tell Me that you wish to be only "Mine" and, as if by enchantment, you will find yourselves in My Heavens,

you will find yourselves in My Heavens.

I warn My People of My next intervention!

I God long to put an end to Evil, I long to bring My creature back to Me, to make them rejoice in Me, to give them new life in Me.

Truly I say to you, O men: O you who still keep blindfolds on your eyes, the time has come for you to take them off:

the hour has come for you to take them off;

The punishment of the wicked is at hand;

Do not let yourselves be ensnared by Satan's illusions.

Repent, my children, the storm is already raging over the whole Earth, devastating cities and causing thousands of deaths.

The hour of the great purification has come! 

Heaven trembles as it waits to repair all things, to bring all things back to life:

Good will overthrow Evil!

A new Paradise will present itself to the new Humanity.

Embrace the Holy Gospel!


Purify yourselves, men!

Come joyfully to meet your King! Amen.