You will see your past lives!

Carbonia 08.03.2023

You will see your past lives!

Let my Voice be heard by all men.

I am the Light of the world!

I am the Word made Flesh!

I am the God of Love!

I am the Creator!

Behold, all of you, the celestial vault: the planets are already moving, the stars are dancing in the sky!

The moment of my coming is very near. 

Meditate, all of you, meditate.

At the sound of the last shofar, the heavens will open and the celestial vault will be tinged with a light unknown to men:

Love shall envelop you, your hearts shall burn with joy, and light shall illuminate your minds.

At my call you will enter a new dimension:

You will see your past lives,

You will analyze your mistakes and prostrate yourselves before Me;

You will ask Me for forgiveness for all your sins.

I will raise My children to Me and put them in the condition of Me: they will be filled with the Holy Spirit; in their ascension to Me, their God-Love, they will know the new Life. God's chosen ones will enter the New Dimension where they will live in Me.

My last Apostles, those who will have the task of returning to Earth to carry the salvific plan to completion,

will have the power to cast out demons and heal the sick.

They will have light in their eyes,

they will reflect of Me,

and unbelieving men, those who have denied Me even when they have seen Me, will bow down as they pass by, because they will finally understand that God is the Mighty One, and that Salvation is only in Him.

The aurora borealis now dawns over the world!

Before the mighty thunder of the conjunction of two stars that will collide, men will tremble, they will see and experience a spectacle never seen before; many will be afraid, but the children of God will understand that the hour of their salvation has come.

I exhort you to return to Me "purified", lest you find yourselves in that circumstance in greater pain, because of your sins.

The warring nations are ready, already lined up for the attack that will come suddenly.

The third hour has come, ...

the slaughter will be great,

many men will fall,

... the sky will be wrapped in the cloud of death: ... nuclear attack!!!

The giants of death will thunder their power! 

Death will be in every corner of the Earth!

Enough is enough! I will end their power with my intervention.

I GOD! Then I will thunder my vengeance: 

I will rend the heavens and smite the accursed demons, those who had no mercy on their fellow men.

I will finish off the giants of death!

I will put my children out of misery!

I will catapult the situation... Enough!