Your liberation is very near!

Carbonia, July 24, 2016

I am with you, O My sweet handmaid, I am with you always, that you will soon understand My Plan for you. 

Beloved Bride of Mine, My Holy Gospel cries out all its love in Me, tell My works to My people, tell the true life in Me, the way to go to reach eternal happiness. Cry out to My people, oh My sweet bride! 

Shout My great love for them! 

Shout through your human voice, the true life in Me! I am the God of Eternal Love, I am the One who cries out His Divine intervention upon this cruel humanity, estranged from all My Good because it is clinging to Satan. 

Cry out, My Divine Heart, all My Love for you oh ungrateful ones, when will you humble yourselves and return to Me? 

Do not give your time to death, give it to Life! 

Your condemnation comes from your disobedience to Me, your Creator God. You will not find happiness in the things of this world, oh man, do not deprive yourselves of eternal happiness, My child, strip yourselves of your pride lest you become children of Satan. America advances with her destructive army, but she will have her bitter reward from her enemies who will devour her soul! 

Aaahhh! America, you have sealed your destiny in darkness and you see no further, your heart already lies among the thorns of death, you will have no victory if you do not return to Me, your Creator God.

Do not deny Life, oh America, return to your God, return to love Him as of old, return life to your soul fallen in sin, rise to new life in Me, return, oh America, to Me, may the splendor of the past times return to you. We are in the time of the end of time, now everything is visible to the human eye!!!!

If you want to save yourselves My children, return to honor My Commandments and to live My Sacraments. 

Seek Me at My Holy Altar and visit Me in My Tabernacle. Kneel before Me, tell Me all your love for Me, ask My forgiveness and embrace My Holy Gospel. This is the foretold time, everything is in place, at this moment the destiny of the world is being decided! This world is in the hands of Satan, and he does not want to lead you to eternal life, but to eternal death. Do not be deaf and blind my children, read the Holy Scriptures, turn to Me, imbibe Me in My Most Holy Eucharist.  Do not desire to go through the world, enter into the way of life in Me. You will shudder to see how much evil the new world order will cause!!!!

The antichrist has already arranged everything to make you his slaves and put you in a state of eternal punishment. 

It is your turn to turn the page, but the time left at your disposal is already over, your immediate conversion to Me is urgent, do not waste any more time on insipid things marked by Satan, instead open your hearts to Me so that I may seal them in Me and save you. Repent quickly, My children, do not be foolish, the mighty ones of the Earth mark your doom because of their foolishness, they are full of pride, but their end is marked!

I, GOD, will put an end to this Babylon and I will renew the world, I will bring it to My Dimension of infinite love and I will give you eternal happiness. Joy and peace be upon all of you who seek Me and wait for Me, 

stand firm in My Law!

Courage, My children, your liberation is very near! God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.