Message of the Blessed Virgin to the women of modern times

03/21/2000 - Message of the Blessed Virgin to the women of modern times who are going to perdition.

"My little children, I am your Most Holy Mother, the ever Virgin Mary, the Mother of the Son of God made Man for the Redemption of the human race.

My little children, I am the Pure, the Holy, the Immaculate, virtues with which Our Father God endowed me for the mission I was to carry out.

The Son of God could not descend from Heaven and incarnate from just any woman; I was preserved from Original Sin to maintain a situation of purity, both of soul and body, so that my God could live and develop His first months, with a body and soul in accordance with His category of God. I was the most pure and living Tabernacle to house Him here on Earth, an immense grace that I received from my God and Lord.

With this introduction I want to emphasize the importance that Our Father God gives to Purity, a virtue that our enemy, the evil one, attacks with all his fury, and tries to tear away from it every being who comes to Earth to serve my Lord.

We have already spoken to you about this most exalted virtue, but now I want to go deeper into it in order to explain to you the difference between love and desire, which are intimately linked to purity.

The Evil One, with his multiple deceptions, has led you into a situation of grave error, which seriously harms the heart of my God. He has made you believe that your body - your external beauty - is what counts, and hence he leads you to waste your time, God's time, both in taking too much care to keep your exterior beautiful, and in misusing your body by preventing it from carrying out the work of procreation that He has asked of you, in order to continue sending souls to Earth so that with His Love in you, you may overcome the forces of evil.

I am especially addressing you, my little daughters, souls who have been touched by the feminine exterior.

Modesty is no longer part of your life. You believe that if you do not show your bodily forms you will not be able to attract the opposite sex, and from here derive an infinity of errors that are undermining your spiritual life and wasting God's time, seeking how to show yourselves more beautiful to the world. Your life is consumed in only looking at your exterior, in looking for the best shaving to highlight "your beauty". The diets and the care in the food to consume, become a science for the great majority of you.

You talk about superfluous and sinful things, and only with the purpose of being admired, pampered and shown as a trophy in the hands of your "man". You seek provocative fashions; you try to attend places of perversion even though you suffer humiliation in those dens of vice and wickedness. You allow your body to be treated as a thing, as an instrument of human pleasure, in order to show off to other women that you are capable of "love".

You have allowed yourselves to be deceived by the great deceiver, the father of lies and evil, so as not to carry out the work of God in you. You deny your Father God the Divine Grace of motherhood so as not to affect your external beauty and not to affect "housewife commitments", because you feel you are free beings who can do with your body and soul whatever you want.

What a great error you have fallen into! Your lack of spirituality does not allow you to realize the deception in which you now live! You know that your body will not last long with the youth and freshness that you now have. You have exchanged love for desire, a mistake that makes you fall from Heaven into the abyss, from virtue into vice. You fill yourselves with jewels and tinsel externally and empty your interior of the most beautiful, pure and holy thing that every woman could cultivate, love. The love that will give unity in the family, the love that will be like a dike of containment against the forces of evil, the love that will make the human species endure under the Laws and Decrees of your God.

Now I can see a great number of young girls, who, by allowing themselves to be carried away by the world and its deviations, have become like little porcelain dolls.

Very beautiful on the outside and very cold and empty on the inside. There is no longer any usable material in most of you to make a stable family.

If you get married, when you face the first responsibilities that you normally have when founding a family, you do not know how to solve them, and when you realize that your husband is no longer looking for the "doll" only, but the woman and mother to form a family, then you feel that you can no longer handle the "package", because you preferred only how to beautify yourselves externally, you did not beautify your soul and its qualities and you did not increase the gifts that God gave you to be able to carry out your mission as a wife and mother of a family.

Understand, my little children, that love and desire are two very different situations. Love is nourishment and life of the soul, which unites and makes the soul and the whole person grow.

Desire is a disordered passion of the body, totally detached from the soul; it is an animal appetite, it is an instinct that must be controlled by the spiritual forces proper to the human being.

If you sometimes feel that a man is watching you in a dirty way, it is because your dress and your appearance incite him to do so. He will not be able to observe beyond what you allow.

If many of you are attacked in your virginity, it is your own fault, you have lost your modesty and modesty.

If many of you are taken as instruments of pleasure for a time and then put aside as waste, it is because of your emptiness and materialism.

You seek to buy everything possible and to fill yourselves with coins, which will only help you to earn your eternal perdition, when in order to obtain them you "sell" your exterior to the highest bidder. You no longer respect yourselves in anything. Your body has become a commodity, and your treatment superfluous and empty. Your conversation has become filled with obscene words and sinful, empty and worldly topics.

There are very few of you, my little ones, in whom modesty and virtue are still present. You are very few now who go through life with the idea of serving your God in the family and in the continuity of love in your little ones, you are very few now, my little ones, who look first to the interests of my Lord rather than to your own.

You are so few now, my little ones, who seek to make family and to protect the spiritual treasures of my God and to be able to transmit them to His little ones, to your children. You are so few now, my little ones, who pass through the world without contaminating yourselves with its baseness and sins.

Vanity and personal insecurity, due to lack of spirituality and prayer, lose you, make you fall easily. How can this world not be as it is now, if you, my little ones, my little women, the main ones in charge of transmitting values in the family, no longer possess them!

The world has chained you to its emptiness and baseness and you no longer wish to look up to your Creator, because you no longer want to be the "outdated, self-sacrificing and boring women of times past". Now you feel that you are "modern" women, that you can do whatever you want with your body, that you have the "right" to murder the babies that are developing in your womb with contraceptives and abortion.

I tell you that now hell is full of souls, like you, who felt modern and entitled to go against your God.

The right to give and take life belongs only to your God and Creator, and you are taking a prerogative that is chaining you for eternity in the infernal abyss.

The gift of motherhood is such a great blessing that in ancient times she who could not procreate was considered cursed, and she who could conceive was blessed by God.

My little daughters, think again, time is short and my Son must return. Can you give a favorable account of your life to your God? Has your life been according to the will of your God? Have you given corporal and spiritual life by accepting motherhood and by observing and transmitting the Laws and Love of your God to your children? Are you living in the world, as a true daughter soul of God should?

You all came into the world to give an example and a life of Holy Love and virtue, and not to destroy the Work of God by becoming accomplices of evil. Repent in this time that you have been given to reflect, and make your way straight. Remember that from your loving God you will be able to obtain all the necessary forgiveness so that you can then direct your future life along the paths of good that He Himself has traced out for each one of you.

Attend to the desires of your God and He will attend to yours for all eternity. Your time on Earth is too short compared to the eternity that He will give you as a reward for your good deeds and the good performance of your mission.

Remember that you came to Earth to serve your God, a great honor that is given to the souls He chooses; and all of you who were given the gift of life, you were chosen! Thank your God for this great Gift, amend your life and attend to His wishes with all your will and heart, for He will reward you richly.

Take from me, my little children, my example, my guidance and my love for our God, so that I may lead you to the final goal in the best way, and so that I may obtain a great eternal reward from my Lord for each one of you.

In you, my little ones, it is mainly up to you to restore what was lost through original sin. Seek and act in Purity, in Sobriety, in true Love, and thus the rest will be easy for the restoration of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Fill yourselves with inner life, so that it may be reflected in your outer life for the good of all. You are souls at the service of your God; pray deeply so that the evil one may no longer deceive you. Be aware of your value, both for the propagation of life and of good morals for all mankind. Without you, my little ones, the life of prayer, of family union and of the transmission of the good habits of Christian devotion cannot be given. You are worth much more than you imagine, but only when you look inward, seeking Divine guidance, and you magnify it outwardly. The treasure that God has placed within you is GREAT, do not waste it.

I bless you in the name of Our Father, in the name of my Son Jesus Christ and in the name of my Spouse, the Holy Spirit of God-Love. And I bless you in my holy name, as Mother, Servant and Daughter of my God and Lord.

Overcome my Justice with your sincere change."